How to create a romantic atmosphere in a room for your Long Distance Reunion Relationship

It is finally here. You have set the date on which your important long distance partner will finally pay you a visit. It's time to plan what you both plan to do.

Chances are you'll end up at your place. Whether you are resting, drinking a nightcap or looking for something very personal – your place has to keep the romantic atmosphere of the appointment to the end.

Here are the best tips on how to create a romantic atmosphere in your own home, even if "Ihr Platz" is a room in a shared flat. Of course, there is no "right" way to do that. So choose what appeals to you. Remember what your partner might like while giving your room a romantic rejuvenation. And have fun.

to clean up

First things first: you need a clean room to work. Dust and disorder are not exactly inspiring a romantic mood.

Wipe the surfaces with you after vacuuming the floor a microfiber cloth Get rid of dust. Next, put all your things in their rightful places. Put the mess that actually belongs nowhere in These practical storage boxes, You can exhibit them, hide under your bed or find a place in a bookshelf.


Have you noticed that the most butterflies in romantic moments take place in dimly lit films? "Butterfly inducing" is what we aim for in your room as well.

There are several ways to achieve this effect. You could invest Good low power bulbs like these or just throw a scarf over a lampshade in your room.

If you want to set a spicier mood, go for many tealights (or for smaller rooms, battery operated tealights scattered across the room.

For a softer and lighthearted atmosphere, you only need fairy lights. Hang these up behind tulle curtains or bedsteads in your room.

You can also Hang it on the wall near your bed. Even better, combine them with these high quality artificial flowers for a guaranteed romantic atmosphere.

By the way, if you meet your long-distance call partner during the day, you can still hang up the romance counter thick curtains over the windows and then with the above ideas.


Unless you plan to watch a movie together
Music in the background is a must. It can set the mood, help you relax, and
Even bring a wave of nostalgia with you when you first met.

You want the music to have a more nuanced, enveloping effect than just your phone can hear. A good wireless speaker is therefore a must.

This little guy is a good choice if you are looking for a simple wireless speaker that does its job well. Crystal clear sound, long range and surprisingly loud, it wins on all fronts.

If you also want to keep up with the romantic aesthetics of how your wireless speaker looks, that's the one, Small and discreet with a rose gold finish, it can be combined with anything from the iPhone to a Micro SD card to an MP3 player.

Maybe you've been dreaming of starting your own vinyl collection for some time. Find some records that remind you of your partner, and pair them with him This retro player, A crackling sound of a thoughtfully handpicked record filling a dimly lit room simply screams "romance."

Nice up the walls

If you think of your room as "heat deficient" or
"Empty" This may be the case if there is too much negative space on the walls.
You also do not want that thought to be in the back of your mind.

For a quick fix and a romantic atmosphere you can choose simple art prints that fits the aesthetics of your room.

You can hang a tapestry or print on the wall to hide nakedness (or tears, stains and unfortunate wallpaper choices in a rented location). Plus, it will also introduce more texture (just like that the template below) that works wonders when it makes the entire interior softer and warmer.

Reserve a day (or even a short afternoon) to create a nice accent wall in your room. For a romantic touch, add warm colors like coral, maroon, rose or terracotta to your project. Bringing an accent wall to life can be a fun activity to calm your fear of your long-awaited date.

A quick piece of advice while putting pictures of your friends and family is a nice idea, it might not work well to build a romantic mood. Are you sure you want to make eye contact with a picture of your mother while you and your date are getting hot and heavy? Do not believe.


High quality textiles are a must to bring a romantic sensual atmosphere to your room. High-thread linens, soft throws, heavy blankets will all serve to delight your sense of touch. Do not you just want to? wrap yourself up in the blanket?

In addition, textiles are generally considered a safe way to soften the appearance of the interior. Keep a similar color scheme throughout the room, but do not be afraid to experiment with patterns and materials. A rough knit creates a stunning contrast to other textiles in your environment.

If you are not ready to completely overhaul your linen closet, stick to the bare necessities – a nice bedding, Since we love romance, it's better to get one without patterns and rely more on rich warm colors like burgundy, terracotta, copper and so on.

Room divider and bedside skys

There are several reasons for this a room divider to create a sense of romance in the room.

First, it can Help to hide part of the room That just does not fit the romantic mood. Maybe it's an old radiator or your desk that houses an artistic mix of things that you can not put anywhere else.

Second, there may be two a sense of privacy in a room if you share your living space with a roommate. It's also easier to create a sensual atmosphere in smaller spaces. A divider can help you set up a small corner for both of you in a larger room.

As for canopyThey fulfill the same purpose – they create a private and enveloping atmosphere in your bedroom. Tulle or other lightweight material will make your normal bed wonderfully in a refined romantic place.


When it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere, everyone must be satisfied
Your senses, including your sense of smell. Once you have taken care of it
Everything else is the time to let love fill the air.

scented candles They are the best starting point, as they look incredibly romantic even in a dark room.

If you want the fragrance of your choice to spread quickly around the room before the meeting, choose a plug-in air freshener, It does its job much faster than a scented candle and you still have a lot of scents to choose from. Do not leave it on too long otherwise the smell will be too overwhelming.

For a more DIY approach you can Simmer potpourri in a pot for a delicate flowery smell. In the winter, when you meet your partner in the distance, this hack will also help to warm the room.

As for the smell, floral scents such as rose, jasmine, cherry blossom or honeysuckle are generally considered romantic. In addition, it is believed that men are attracted by sweeter odors such as vanilla or orange. So if you can not make a decision, This could be your starting point,

Small or big, minimalist or filled with bells and whistles, every room
can be turned into a romantic intimate place for a couple over long distances.
Do you have ideas from your own experience?

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