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It's my FAVORITE TIME of the "school year" !!!
July!!! Back to school sales, so many markers, pens and sweet colors. All things to inspire a school addict! For many of us, it's just lucky that everything we buy stays with us. It is not thrown into a community bucket, but happily rested in each of our own children's desk spaces.

Well, that's the easy part. Covering up with paper, pencils and crayons is a pointless fun. It is even better to make offers for cute staplers, tape dispensers and scissors. But what are you doing with the real flesh of your school?

I enjoy spending hours browsing through catalogs and websites for educational materials, fun things that inspire our kids, new reading material and, of course, the core curriculum. In this blog series I will tell you what we have selected for each class by topic! If I'm planning for three grades, I have to divide that so I will not miss anything!

This is what happened in May … I had to buy everything before going on vacation to avoid late deliveries. It was quick and somehow scary to know that I was on a timeline. Part of the rush to order was due to the fact that our education money had to be spent at a certain time. And then the UPS guy showed up with everything in one day.

No joke … all at once. Ha!

It was like Christmas! Each of the kids had 2 boxes of BJU Press and a few things from Amazon, Lego Education and Back to The Roots. Now that we're back from vacation clearing up our homeschool area, it's fun to separate everything and share how we use these great materials! Now for the first topic!
Here is our first core subject: Speech Art!

I often speak English because I am a child of the 80s and it looked like this on my testimonials. That's what I call it occasionally. But Language Arts or ELA usually includes English, writing, vocabulary, spelling and reading.

We have decided to continue to use BJU Press for English and Grammar. I like the style of the books, the ease of the teacher's guide, and the way each class follows the others. For the vocabulary, my middle and middle school students again use BJU Press and my 4th student BJU Press for spelling. Then I added Patriotic Penmanship so the elders can practice their handwriting, and my 4th student will use BJU Press Handwriting again this year (not pictured).

4th grade language art

For 4th grade I have IEW for extra writing and some other fun additions listed below!

8th grade language art

For the 8th grade we integrate some important literature like "The Diary of Anne Frank" and "To kill a mockingbird", Then I added a few other books and supplements for a wide range of studies.

10th grade language art

For the 10th grade we finally have literature from BJU Press! I'm really happy to try this out. We will probably read "The scarlet letter" and "The great Gatsby too",

Well, that concludes our syllabus for language arts. Please comment if you have questions! Be curious about our next installment in this series, Math …

Did you see our new logbooks ??? We've created these tools for each child to track the progress! You can get custom designs for your kids

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