Welcome to Hotel Porvenir (Guna Yala, Panama) Study Abroad

Welcome to the Hotel Porvenir! (Gula Yala, Panama)

(Biidub, a beautiful island in San Blas Islands, Panama)

It never crossed my mind
For me, electricity is a luxury of the first world before I come to El Porvenir. El
Porvenir is the capital of the San Blas islands or Guna Yala. One of 5 locals from Panama
(or comarcas in Spanish), Guna Yala is a
area governed by the Guna peoples, The Guna are one of the many natives
Tribes in Panama. Many Guna speak bilingual Spanish and the Kuna
Language. One An estimated 50,000 Guna live in Guna Yala.

During my week-long stay in San Blas, I met local Gunas and got to know their unique culture.

You can reach El Porvenir by boat or plane. We have a Very wet Cruise the Caribbean to reach our destination. Luggage and backpacks were dragged into huge garbage bags to protect our belongings from the sea!

This is one of our super friendly Guna guides. Catch fish, cook food and create complicated things Molas The artistic tapestries and garments that characterize the Guna culture are an integral part of his day.

Beautiful molas, designed and hand-sewn by our Guna girlfriend. Each mola needs one month to one and a half months to be produced. They sell for $ 20 apiece.

You can find Guna
Yala is 3 hours' drive east of Panama City and a 45-minute boat ride away
The caribbean sea. There, Over 300 islands Point the bottle green sea.
Only about 44 of these islands are inhabited by the Guna, which yields profits
Ecotourism and export of local goods such as seafood and coconuts. (Funny fact:
Until the 90s used the Guna Coconuts as a form of money for trade with Colombia and
Panama for food and other goods!

Except Guna and a few tourists
Most likely you will not see anybody on these beautiful remote islands. But when you came
from abroad to study marine biodiversity in Panama's coral reefs … then It is a different story. For 5 nights and 6 days, my classmates and
Our professors, dr. Dagang and dr. Diaz-Ferguson, will live in bungalows on El Porvenir
Collect data about marine species. (We are also here for the great view).
<- me, the jasper repping from my favorite nap:
a hammock by the sea

To give you an idea
how small El Porvenir isthe whole island can be committed about 20 minutes,

It has a hotel (that's a scattering of bungalows), a restaurant,family: “Century Gothic”, sans-serif; font-size: 12pt; text-indent: 0.5in;”> one
, a congress building in which a base of family: “Century Gothic”, sans-serif; font-size: 12pt; text-indent: 0.5in;”>Panamanian narcopolis live and a runway for charter aircraft, Part of the runway has been shattered to pieces where the Caribbean Sea has eroded it. You can see it below:

Out of curiosity I went to the runway one morning and found something quite mysterious …

When checking out the runway, I noticed something strange on the edge … It somehow looked like this an abandoned spaceship from Star Wars. I took the opportunity to get closer while the tide was still low.

A shipwreck!

I got in and found sand and broken wires … but no sign of chewbacca. : & # 39;

There is a generator on
Island turned on from 6pm to 10pm. My advice is too Bring a portable charger and go
easy on Snapchat.
At 22 o clock SharpThe lights on the island go out and the buzzing of the news on our only TV goes silent. If you get caught in the bathroom at this time, it's not so much fun.

This is my room
Second before the blackout.

This is my room
Second later.

(But you can still see my reliable mosquito net!)

With nothing but mine
Flashlight and the blurry moon above me, I go to the beach at night. sand
at the sight of me fall into holes. They are afraid of the dive
Beam my flashlight, but they do not move until I let my eyes off them. grackles
– The little black birds that populate and look like this region away in terms of
a pterodactyl
– Screeching in the trees. Geckos, hermit crabs and fallen coconuts accompany me on my moonlight walk.
The song of the waves and
Thunder is constant in the Caribbean. Always a storm comes or
go here. Last night at 2 o'clock in the morning, I woke up like a monsoon
Rain and lightning
in front of my window. We sleep with doors wide open to catch the sea breeze (the advantages without electricity mean … even no air conditioning!). So there is no buffer to mitigate the hours of thunder. The storm did not stop until 7 o'clock in the morning
It was time to have breakfast and prepare for the Marine Biology course.
Without 24/7
Electricity or free WiFi – I'm certainly not in my element in Guna Yala. But I've found that life in this unconnected paradise is full of pleasant surprises, like that beautiful sunset and Snorkeling in coral reefs, I will talk more about that in my next post.

Thank you for reading! Try that out MC Study Abroad Instagram Story Today on 15.7. to spend a day in El Porvenir with me. I will be taking over MC Instagram for a day to share my amazing experience abroad.

Saludos!Autumn Herndon

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