Mother of all baby showers – Are you coming to a city near you? SINGLE MOM

To be honest, the mother of all the baby showers is something I've heard of and been told, "If you're looking for a cool event, you have to take part!" Well, here I am pregnant and one is actually close enough to her I look forward to seeing the event in Pittsburgh this week.

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BUT there are OTHER events in OTHER cities across the country !! Look at her:

Atlanta, GA – 15th August

South Florida in Davie, FL September 6th

Philadelphia, PA September 25th

Tampa, FL – 8th of November

The mother of all baby showers is a fun – CHILD FREE night. Bring a babysitter, bring your husband and prepare for a night of food, drinks, education, spa treatments … OH and FUN.

Let me know if you have ever participated and which ones !!!! I can not wait any longer !!

Make sure you follow me Instagram because I will post from the event. :]

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