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July 14, 2019


Singles Travel International cruises have evolved into various options to meet the needs of our solo travelers. From mega ships in the mass cruise market to sailboat cruises to river cruises, Singles Travel International offers our singles different options every year to enjoy the water and cruise to or through their dream destinations.

River cruises have become the fastest growing segment of the travel industry in almost every way, and it’s easy to see why. The rivers are calm, sometimes even serene. The ships seem to carry exactly the right number of guests, as bridge heights and canal passages are constructive restrictions that limit the number of passengers. We hear many reasons why river cruises are not considered an option for solo travelers. Let’s meet the objections directly and help you decide: Is river cruise right for me?

Objection # 1: Too many couples

Seeing too many kiss face pairs can make a single person fall, but it’s no reason to stay home. As with every STI cruise, we create our own environment with food only for singles, special events that only apply to our individual members, and several networking events for singles only. Our concierge team makes all activities easier and ensures that we are isolated from outsiders. From time to time our departure is a full charter, which means ALL SINGLE ROOMS,

Objection No. 2: Too expensive

It’s true that for a week-long river cruise, you won’t find a bargain worth $ 999 like you might find for a mass-market ocean-going ship.

On the other hand, you don’t pay a lot of additional fees on board and on land, which is common for deep-sea lines that offer a low introductory price. In contrast, the river lines include shore excursions, all meals, alcoholic beverages (beer and wine) for lunch and dinner, taxes, and special diving experiences with local entertainment. Cruises on Asian rivers include almost everything – from A to Z and more. River cruises are a great way to see places where a large ship cannot get. You travel at a leisurely pace without having to pack and unpack at any destination, and the trips are more extensive. With our Share & Save option, you can save thousands in your cabin and find a new friend on the go. (Must be booked and paid in full 90 days before the start of the trip.)

Check out this comparison for a seven night cruise:

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When you cruise with STI, you automatically join an exclusive group of globetrotters in your age group. We are aimed at baby boomers and you have access to the profiles of all fellow travelers before you invest. Membership is free.

Objection # 3: Too long to be with people I don’t know

As soon as you are on board, our concierge welcomes you with a warm welcome and organizes networking events throughout your journey so that you can get to know your fellow travelers. Add a pre-cruise package and the relationship starts before your vacation starts, so you won’t travel with strangers when you leave. (Did we mention that our concierge has participated in more than 25 river cruises?)

A river boat is definitely smaller, but not overcrowded. Instead of traveling on many seagoing vessels with thousands of members, members usually only sail with 30 to 150 others on a river boat. The atmosphere is cozy and therefore invites you to get to know each other.

On Siem Reap, the English-speaking local crew embodies the spirit of the destination. The reception staff, bartenders, waiters and housekeeping offer exquisite service that is comfortable and friendly, never stuffy!

Objection No. 4: It is a small ship and there is nothing to do,

River boats usually sail close to land, which most ocean-going ships only do when they are moored. So you COULD jump if you are incredibly bored, but we do not think it will be necessary. Certainly, it is important for many river cruisers to float through breathtaking landscapes, but there is so much more.

Leaving a river boat to explore a destination is a breeze, There are no tenders, no huge pillars and no lines, and the sights are usually within walking distance. If the sights are further away, your exclusive coach and local guide will be waiting in front of the ship to take you to the highlights of each port. Another unique advantage is the occasional overnight stay, where singles can enjoy the local nightlife.

The addition of balcony cabins, free WiFi, more flexibility in dining options, including meal times, and in some cases the addition of wellness facilities make the trip very comfortable.

Objection No. 5: The cabins are too small

Today’s North American river cruise ships have hotel-style beds and private baths. The latest ships have fairly spacious cabins and features such as flat-screen TVs, French windows or even private balconies. Ships can be great with luxury bedding, fine bedding, and quality toiletries and dining options. Some cabins and suites even offer butler service. The cabins have floor-to-ceiling windows and fully equipped outdoor balconies.

We hope we have broadened your horizons for river cruising for singles. Some destinations are intended for exploration on a small ship. All of our trips are for singles to forget to stay at home and get out there and see the world. With the addition of river cruises to our cruise offerings, STI remains true to its mission.

Create life-changing Experiences and unique Opportunities to To meet the worldtogether!!!

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