Project Pego: Becoming a holiday home Home Renovation

Project Pego: Becoming a holiday home

As we approach the end of a nice break in Spain, today's overdue mail shares our current progress in Pego.

This evening Darren and I are sitting in our main living area. We enjoy a G & T and admire what we have achieved so far in this room. It is far from finished, but it resembles a kitchen, a living room and a dining room. It's a long way from the rundown townhouse we bought in 2016. Finally it feels like a holiday home.

As a reminder, this was the condition of the room when we bought this house.

Our spanish town house renovation kitchen / living space in front

Loving place in Pego before the renovation - before

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If you have not seen this blog before, you can make a good, curious round by watching the video linked above or reading some of the other posts about our sixth renovation, which are affectionately referred to as "" Project Pego. There are also many video updates on our youtube channel,

We now have a new roof (sacred cow that has taken some work), spare bars, new walls, new windows, new patio doors, a new dorma and a new floor, new plumbing and electrical installations with UK sockets. We have the requirements for a very nice kitchen and adjoining utility. We even have a picture of our trip around the world on the wall. Despite 4 visits to Ikea, two deliveries and many phone calls we still lack some parts. We are now considering collecting them in Southampton to overtake them!

We still have no light, the floor has a nice bounce and the stairs to the terrace are a bit seedy, but the room is clean and usable. It totally exceeds all expectations – especially when I imagine funky wallpaper on some walls, hanging down some huge lights and having a good time with friends and family. I'm looking forward to a few splashes of color, a light green sofa and a huge dining table. Apparently I have to wait a while …

Black Ikea Kungsbacka kitchen in Pego
Kungsbacka kitchen installation

Kitchen installation in Pego

Our plan for this trip was not a renovation, but we did a few small jobs. We cut the countertops, fitted the sink and faucet and collected 42 boxes of tiles so we could lay the terrace floor next time. It means that we are still a few steps ahead in this gigantic project.

Just not like we did not take selfies on the beach. On the other hand, that's the idea of ​​a holiday home!

Victoria and Darren in Java

Keep track of our home renovation until the next update and get a preview of our renovation work in Spain below our Instagram account,


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