A guide for luxury seekers in Myanmar Travel

For travelers who like to be off the beaten path and without sacrificing comfort or luxury, it may be pleasantly surprised to hear that the somewhat less well-known country of Myanmar has not only opened up to travelers of all types, but it has a large amount of luxury travel opportunities are distributed across the country. Many visitors to the region stick to old standby cities like Laos, Vietnam or Thailand to take advantage of the luxury travel scene in Southeast Asia. Myanmar offers some stunning, less-visited attractions and some impressive luxury travel options.

About Myanmar and luxury tour options

Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia that was until recently less visited than its popular neighbors Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. This has resulted in the country retaining a wilder charm and personality, with many visitors, including luxury travelers, having real "local" experiences with the people of the country who are still welcoming and curious about what to do leads to being invited to people homes for tea and the like. You may be stopped on the street in Myanmar to inquire about where you come from and how you like the country so far, adding to the friendliness and charm of the entire region.

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Luxury travel has experienced a boom in the country, as not only accommodation and transport options, but also travel routes are generally available. Depending on your preferences and time frame, you can either make your own preparations and organize your own itinerary using luxury transportation and hotels, or you can use our services to plan the ultimate luxury travel to Myanmar. Add to that the fact that you can get from one city to the next in a private VIP transfer van, or that you are looking for the most elegant way to get around the city. Your luxury hotel or our company will help you book the best option for you when it comes to transportation.

Accommodation options for luxury seekers

The Strand Hotel Yangon

The Strand Hotel in Yangon was built in 1901 in the best colonial architecture of the time and offers a pleasant mix of past and present. It plays with its former colonial charm to put the past in the foreground of your experience and to combine it perfectly with the modern flair of today. The beach offers its luxury-seeking visitors the ultimate pleasure in booking their beach suite – the use of 24 hours

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Personal butler service with champagne on arrival, free minibar, daily fruit plate, breakfast for two, coffee and tea on request and served by your butler, among others. This is the ultimate luxury in Myanmar and for good reason. The Strand Hotel makes every effort to ensure that every delicious moment is associated with luxury when you are a guest at the hotel and beyond. Whether you just want a little taste of the luxury life or are planning a real experience, the Strand Hotel Yangon is the ideal place to book.

Residence of the Governor of Belmond, Yangon

This hotel goes far beyond what you would expect from a luxury hotel or resort. The Belmond Governor & # 39; s Residence is a true refuge away from the hustle and bustle of the city with its own lotus garden and breathtakingly furnished rooms such as the junior suites, which in addition to living rooms also offer single and double rooms, luxury accommodation. Even if you are not traveling in a suite, the standard and governor rooms offer luxurious, high-end accommodation that will relax you wonderfully after your stay here. Thanks to the in-house restaurants and spas, there's no reason to leave the grounds of this beautiful resort if you don't want to, as everything you could need is right here.

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Inle Princess Resort

The Inle Princess Resort is one of the most elegant and well-equipped hotel options in the relatively small tourist area of ​​Inle Lake. The lake itself is a breathtaking body of water surrounded by hills and is visited in droves by tourists every year. The locals mainly work either as farmers or in the tourism industry. So here you can take a closer look at local life and get treated like royalty in resorts like the Inle Princess. The lake itself is home to numerous wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Lake Inle is therefore an ideal stopover for those looking for something really unique and special. The Inle Princess Resort is considered a haven in this remote region of Myanmar and is ethical and sustainable

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Family houses in the traditional style of the region, which are generously decorated and inviting. The resort works with the local community to give guests the opportunity to enjoy authentic lake experiences, navigate the floating markets or roam the houses on stilts in the area before heading to Inle Princess for luxury and pampering to return. Attend a yoga class, a meditation session or simply relax in the beautiful garden, which will take you to peaceful serenity.

Things to do and see in Myanmar

It can be easy to put yourself in the cities of this interesting and unique country with options like Mandalay and Yangon, but there are some beautiful distant and remote places around the country that offer breathtaking views and incredible views to see and do for luxury seekers. Here are some suggestions for places to check out during your stay in the country. These can be arranged by your hotel or travel agency so that you can get there stress-free and in style.

Bagan (pagan)

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This unique collection of ancient temples, known by both names, spans a wide area surrounded by mountains in the Mandalay region of Myanmar. Bagan, an ancient kingdom, functioned as the main unifying city that helped create what later became known as the country of Myanmar. Over 2000 temples and pagodas from the original kingdom have been preserved to this day. This makes this area one of the most beautiful and unique places in the country and offers the opportunity to explore the region with a hot air balloon – not only from a bird's eye view of this vast and beautiful region, but also as the ultimate luxury was this magnificent area to truly absorb. Explore the stupas and temples on foot to experience them up close. You can also hire local guides to understand the city's complex and detailed past.

Inle Lake

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This beautiful lake in the Shan Hills of Myanmar, southwest of Mandalay, is home to a unique cultural group, the Intha people, who have made the lake their home for generations. The Intha worked both with and at the lake and have long considered the lake to be their main source of food and trade. Fish from the lake remains one of the main food sources in this region. It is often mixed with potatoes and rice and then fried to make a delicious kind of fish donut. The lake is home to some unique ways of growing fruit and vegetables. Vegetable beds often swim on the lake. Every trip to the region is worthwhile with immersion in the local culture and the opportunity to fish by the lake yourself. With the Inle Princess Resort you can also experience the real rural Myanmar without having to do without the luxurious side of things.


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Yes! Beaches! There are a number of beaches along the south coast of Myanmar that have luxury resorts that offer a more luxurious experience than local guesthouses, but may not be on the top ten list of luxury hotels. However, this is not a problem for the flexible luxury traveler, as the region is quiet and secluded, often with sections of beach on its own. The locals in the area are warm and friendly, like most of the country, and often you can chat with locals in the bar or restaurant, or be invited for a drink. Fishermen can be hired to take you fishing. You keep your catch if you so wish to have it grilled on the beach or at your local guest house or hotel. In truth, visiting the often quiet beaches of this country can be a rewarding, amazing cultural experience.

So why visit Myanmar?

Myanmar is one of the last real borders in Southeast Asia, which has opened even faster in recent years and offers visitors a spectacular mix of ancient temples and beautiful natural landscapes, as well as adventurous activities if you wish. The country is home to some beautiful local culture sites, such as the shores of magical Inle Lake, and is home to a number of impressive pagodas scattered across the country. In truth, there has never been a better time to visit Myanmar than it is now when it is open enough to allow for flowing tourism, but is not overcrowded with sticky tourist shops and tours. So book your next luxury trip to the mysterious, beautiful and welcoming country of Myanmar.

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