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Just a simple google for "cell phone radiation" provides all sorts of frightening results examining cell phone radio waves and their absorption into the brain and body. These effects appear to be even more pronounced in young children, so that absorption penetrates deeper into the brain. Creepy stuff.

Even the best efforts can not keep children 100% off the phone as they still use them to talk to relatives, and Lola especially loves going through my photos.

I got that recently Safe shell FCC accredited, laboratory-tested shielding technology blocks 99% of RF radiation and over 92% of your phone's ELF radiation. It can also be used as a wallet, closes magnetically and can also be used as a stand. They are available for most phone and tablet types and are available in beautiful colors. I feel better when I know my phone is safer for me and the kids. As long as I own a cell phone, I have one of them.

HF absorption rates of mobile phones by age:

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