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10 adventurous photo scavenger hunts for kids

Are you looking for ways to get your kids out of the house? Road trips, nature walks and beach days are fantastic ways to encourage the little ones to engage in scavenger hunts.

Children are curious and love games. That's why a themed scavenger hunt is the perfect way to discover something new while having fun.

What you will need

Before you start, check again if you have the following supplies:

  • A smartphone or a camera
  • Pencil or pen
  • Scavenger hunting lists or printouts
  • A great prize for the winner

Guidelines for the photo scavenger hunt

The rules are simple, but you can be as creative as you like. Do you form teams, for example? Will you add bonus items to your scavenger hunt list?

Give each player a list of items to search for at their chosen location. The first person who finds all the items and shoots within the given time wins!

Step by step instructions:

  • Choose a location and a topic
  • Assign someone as a judge
  • Decide if you want to split up into teams (use kids with adults in each team to keep your balance)
  • Set clear boundaries within the site
  • Set the timer to one hour
  • Give the winner the grand prize

To the Ideas for the scavenger hunt, find your favorite motif that can be printed from Shutterfly below.

Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Complete the crew and spend the day visiting the animals! This makes it fun for the children to personally see all the animals they are interested in.

Their list for each player includes tigers, monkeys, zebras, penguins, reptiles … and do not forget to add a few souvenirs and add a photo with the zookeeper!

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Road trips to new places are great ways to spend time with your family and friends. They all drive through viewpoints, explore bridges and see nearby trains.

But remember – safety first. Take care of your environment.

You can add the following to your list:

  • yield sign
  • arrow
  • lake
  • bridge
  • train
  • Gas station
  • motorcycle
  • viewpoints

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

If you do not feel comfortable doing a scavenger hunt during a road trip, it is no problem to stay there! Children will love it because they can tell their friends to come along and join in the fun.

You will all enjoy discovering the pros and cons of your community. Also, for the first time, someone can discover hidden places!

Here are some ideas to look for:

  • stop sign
  • mailbox
  • dog
  • plants
  • fire hydrant
  • butterfly
  • Brown door
  • fence

scavenger hunt

This is perfect if your team consists mainly of younger children. You can keep an eye on them in a small environment while they have loads of fun!

You do not need much. So if you have markers, puzzles and coins, you're done. Keep your home clean by reminding everyone to help clean up after the scavenger hunt.

Things to look for in your home:

  • Blue socks
  • Green markings
  • Stuffed animal
  • salt shaker
  • toothbrush
  • penny
  • book

farmer's market

Farmers markets are not only a great place to buy all your seasonal goods, they are also great for mingling with your neighbors. The children will love to look for strawberries, beautiful flowers or baked bread. The smells and sights are part of the fun! Once we saw a little goat!

Include these items in your scavenger hunt list:

  • stroller
  • Corn
  • tomato
  • asparagus
  • potato
  • onion

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Fun for all ages, there are tons of items to find on every beach. In this way, you can take everyone outside to enjoy the fresh air and have fun under the sun. Just do not leave your phone in the water when taking pictures!

Here are some things every participant can look for:

  • Shellfish
  • sunglasses
  • water polo
  • Boogie board
  • umbrella
  • Lifeguard
  • birds
  • bucket

Kids love to spend time outdoors, and at the end of the hunt, they can put together the photos and create an unforgettable experience photobook from what they found. Keep the little ones entertained for hours with a well-planned scavenger hunt the next time they look for something!

Print many funny scavenger hunts here!

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