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Application documents: If you have chosen a university and a country of your choice, you should start preparing your application documents immediately. While most universities in the world have a fairly similar list of general application documents, they also need specific documents tailored to each prestigious university. To be honest, it is a lengthy process in which a professional student placement advisor has to work effortlessly.
travel: Yes, you now have an excuse to travel! While this is not a very important step, it is certainly a fun and informative one! If you choose a country and university, visit them! Motivate yourself and explore your dream university! Visit the campus, explore the classrooms, maybe take a tour of the library, …
It is also an opportunity for you to discover your surroundings, research student discounts … Breathe in your future and breathe out your past! Treat yourself to local food, explore monuments, uncover the city’s secrets. If you travel to see your dream university and recognize it, you also have several platforms where you can answer your questions. This leads us to the next step!

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