5 podcasts that every e-learning professional should listen to Educational

… Or should that be "that every e-learning professional should listen to"? Anyway, I can finish a sentence with a preposition if I want.

Apart from arcane grammar jokes, I'm a late bloke of podcasts. Everyone else seemed obsessed with them, but they never really touched me until I started taking long trips on the bus. Now I am addicted.

As many of my colleagues will confirm, there is There is no shortage of podcasts addressed to L & D practitioners, In fact, the sheer volume of options can be overwhelming.

If you're starting a podcast like mine, or looking for another one to add to your subscription, I'll offer you 5 of my favorites.

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1. Learn uncircumcised

Produced by three of the best in the business – Michelle Ockers, Karen Maloney and Amanda Ashby – Learn uncircumcised recently celebrated his first birthday.

Over the past year, Michelle and Karen have interviewed an impressive cross section of experts in my corner of the world. The episode with Nic Barry is an outstanding one.

2. The learning and development podcast

A new entry into the podcasting scene, The learning and development podcast is hosted by David James.

David's view of our job largely reflects my own (so he's a genius) and I think his interview with Simon Gibson is a must.

3. Learning is the new work

Due to his experience as Microsoft's Chief Learning Officer, Chris Pirie Learning is the new work it's worth listening to.

Chris turns to people around the world I've never heard of (to be honest). This is welcome because they are diversifying my feed.

4. The eLearning Coach Podcast

No self-respecting e-learning expert would fail to devour Connie Malamed The eLearning Coach Blog, which she admirably complements The eLearning Coach Podcast,

What I love about Connie's expertise is her focus on practicality. Leadership is great, but how do we apply it to our work?

5. Hardcore story

During Education, Hardcore story it's not about education. However, I include it in my list of favorites because it contradicts contemporary notions of didactic design.

Each episode includes several Hours and frankly, I could listen to Dan Carlin all day. Despite the great criticism of microlearning (which, as I said, I am in favor of), one size definitely does not suit everyone.

My point is that for us professionals, it is healthy to reevaluate our own philosophies over and over again, valuing opposing approaches – especially those who write success stories!

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