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Urban planning undoubtedly influences the urban economy.

One simple thing, such as designing an area to make it more accessible, can boost local business profits.

This can also increase the property value, create more and better jobs and generate stronger local economies,

Road temperatures also determine their accessibility. Bring with climate change longer and more frequent heat wavesThe road temperatures are even higher than currently. This reduces the accessibility and thus the profitability of the local business.

Accessibility affects local businesses

The evidence shows that companies are better at pedestrian traffic than mobility in the car. For example, close New York Times Square for cars Increase in business revenue by 71% during an eight-month pilot project in 2009,

The following example explains why pedestrian traffic benefits the local business. In car-based cities, having a coffee to go on the way to work can involve a number of choices:

  1. drive the car to a certain cafe
  2. Find parking
  3. leave the car and close
  4. to stand in line to buy a coffee
  5. Back in the car
  6. Continue to work.

On the other hand, if we walk down the street, we may not even have thought of having coffee, but we can smell it. In order to:

  1. We go to the cafe
  2. stand in line to buy a coffee
  3. Go on to work.

The process is shorter, more spontaneous and part of a daily journey. Impulsive purchases through impulse exposures have surprisingly big economic consequences, especially for retailers.

What is microclimate?

Microclimate refers to the atmospheric conditions in an area. These can vary not only in the environment but also in the environment. Both natural and built environments affect these differences. A well-known example of such differences is in Sydney's western suburbs, which are Much hotter in the summer than in the eastern suburbsthat benefit from the sea and cool breezes. But can an uncomfortable microclimate suppress impulse purchases? To some extent yes. The frequency of impulse purchases and ultimately the overall success of most tropical cities may be related to the local microclimate. For example, the orientation of the roads with respect to sunshine and breezes can affect the microclimate. This may then determine whether people stay and drink a second coffee or extra ice after lunch, or avoid roads because they are too exposed and hot. However, Australian cities are too often oversized and planned in a sweeping pattern. By impairing the accessibility spontaneous purchases are suppressed. CBDs are too oversized too and have unshaded wide roads. In hot climates the journey on foot is uncomfortable and for children, seniors and people with health problems of health concern. This article was originally published by The Conversation. Click here to read the entire article,

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