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Clark + Kensington Paint by ace, did it again! This time we have carried this durable and beautiful color outdoors. We were so happy to discover that Clark + Kensington, in a 2018 issue of a popular consumer magazine, has an exterior color that is not only durable, but has also been rated as the BEST exterior color.

For some years now I have wanted to add a ladder herb box to my garden. When I found a local artisan to build these beauties, I could hardly hold back my excitement. I knew that a little paint from Ace would preserve and beautify this cedar herb ladder for years to come.

When things were said and done, I was the proud owner of not one, but two of these pretty ladders.

When visiting our local aceI immediately went to the color counter to find the perfect color for this project. The color expert behind the counter didn't hesitate for a second when he recommended Clark + Kensington's exterior paint for my project. He explained how thick the paint would be, almost like pudding, but that I could apply it easily. This color strength is exactly what helps to withstand the elements. He was so knowledgeable and kind. There is no doubt that Ace has the best interests of its customers and is ready to go the extra mile.

When I tried to determine the color that would look beautiful in my garden, I came across this wonderfully neutral color called Smokey Taupe (N-C6). I thought it would blend seamlessly into the garden while showing my growing herbs.

Painting these boxes was incredibly quick and easy. The color, though thick as pudding, continued like butter. It dried quickly and evenly. I only had to paint two coats. The finish is so smooth and is absolutely breathtaking. I think it's great how the color seems to change in different lighting conditions. It was really a perfect color choice.

I think these herb junction boxes are painted with the help of Ass Clark + Kensington's color makes my little garden look so charming and complete.

Did you know that it's over 4,000 ace stores worldwide? If you are interested in their exclusive and incredible Clark + Kensington color, you are sure to find one ace close to you. And if you don't have an ace near you, check it out, Here you will find all brands that you know and love.

Do it yourself, divas

Sisters Meg and Steph discovered that while leading the lives of poor, newly married college students with fresh little babies in the middle of the Great Recession, they could still have what they needed and wanted when they got to work made and created things with their own hands. This way of thinking has saved them thousands of dollars in living expenses, and as they share their knowledge with others, the savings are steadily increasing.

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