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How to build your dream farmhouse kitchen

There are many ways to turn your kitchen into something that represents you and your family. If you are someone who enjoys Cottage Kitchen, but if you want to add a more modern, personal touch, then farmer kitchens are for you. Here are some tips on how to build your dream farm kitchen.

Install a farmers’ sink

One of the most important things that distinguish farm kitchens is the sink. The sinks on the farm are wider and deeper than their traditional counterparts and allow for greater use. Not only are they practical, they also look good. Try an underground farm sink with a black faucet for an authentic farmhouse look.

Add a touch of nature

One of the most important aspects of a farm kitchen is natural textures. A rustic wooden table or an island will surely set your kitchen apart and create the authentic look of a farmhouse. In addition, you can install open wooden shelves for spices or hang a decorative wicker basket to accommodate additional textures.

Choose simple closets

Country-style kitchens follow a “less is more” approach. For the country-style kitchen, simple cupboards are crucial to create a rustic ambience. Opt for simpler, neutral-tinted cabinet doors compared to decorated doors and surfaces. Natural wood and white painted finish are reminiscent of a farmhouse style.

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