Swipe to the right !: The zone of dreaded friends Dating

Blow tiredness. It's one thing, and I have it.

Swipe, swipe, swipe.

No no no.

There just are not enough "right guys".

Or I'm picky,

or I have unbelievably high demands or something.

Maybe I'm damaged? Maybe I am faulty? Maybe I'm too simple? I dont know.

I met some real people – coffee dates and the like. Quick meetings where you "get to know each other".

All of these meet-in person types – heavily checked – were nice and nice and seemed to be perfect.

But they were not the kind of people I would talk about all the high school. I did not fall asleep because I dreamed of them, and they did not devour my thoughts in the morning either.

A few weeks ago I met two really cute couples. One in the 20's and one in the late 30's. Both were embarrassed to admit that they had met on tinder.

I think the site is somehow known for hookups.

In the same way, I tell people that all colleges are "party schools" if you make them that way, the same goes for dating sites.

Since I keep this blog PG, I can not post some of the things I've seen that are worth bleaching, or some of the questions "Do not freak out if I ask you those questions" unread.

A couple of my neighborhood friends routinely say, "That can not be true," when I send them screenshots.

Unfortunately, I think that's it.

Well, I met someone on a site, Tinder, in the interest of complete disclosure and honesty.

We did not talk on the phone, but he was open about his approach.

Friends Zone first. No exceptions.

He explained the why over time.

It takes the pressure that things will not end badly if it does not work. The worst?

You go with a friend.

So, I've been assigned to "friend zones" and I can tell you it's one relief, I have no idea if this friendship will develop any more, right now out of sheer exhaustion and fatigue, it's a win no matter how.

I'm grateful that there are a few male pioneers, some revolutionaries who are resisting the current system and suggest something new. Men who have self-control and do not ask you about delicate things.

You are friendly. They show restraint.

The newest guy? We will see if this approach works.

I call him Friend Zone Guy or FZG.

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