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The role of the head of the family, an alcoholic and a parasite, Frank Gallager, was performed by the famous British theater and film actor David Treffel.

He was born on October 12, 1953 in the suburbs of Manchester. David played his first film role back in 1977 in the movie "Kiss of Death." In the "Shameless" took part from the first to the last, the eleventh season.

The eldest daughter of the good-for-all father Fionu was played by British actress Ann-Mary Duff. This bright beauty was born in 1970. Parents of Anne-Marie had Irish roots. From 1994 she began working in the theater, played the role of Natasha Rostova in the production of “War and Peace”.

She made her debut on the big screen in 1997. In 2009 she received the prestigious British Academy Award for Film and Television. In "Shameless" starred in the first and part of the second season. In the story, her heroine left with her lover in another city.

Actor Jody Latham in the series played the role of Philip Gallagher – an intelligent and fairly successful teenager. Jody Lee Latham was born on the first day of January 1982, and began his acting career as a teenager at the age of 16. His first job was a role in the action-packed film “Policemen”. In "Shameless" the actor was filmed from the first to the fourth season, then the plot of his character went to study at the university.

Kearns Gerard played the role of the middle son in the Gallager family. Kearns was born in October 1984 in England. He made his debut as an actor in 2004. In the same year he began acting in the show "Shameless". In the story, Kearns's character existed in the series until the seventh season. Despite his unconventional orientation, Ian Gallagher began dating a girl from the sixth season, and in the seventh he ran away from home.

Rebecca Ryan is a British theater and film actress. Born in 1991 in a family with Irish roots. For a long time she was engaged in dancing, in 1999 she was noted in several theatrical productions. In 2002, she debuted on television. In the series "Shameless" appeared from the first season in the image of the youngest of the daughters Gallager. Participated in the show until the sixth season.

The role of the former wife of Frank Monica Gallagher performed by British actress Jane Annabel Epsion. The future actress was born in 1960. Since 1988, has been filming various little-known TV projects. Real popularity gained thanks to the work in the series "Shameless". The character Annabelle – Monica, who appeared in the show from the first season and existed in it until the eighth. Frank's former wife is bisexual, and in the course of the plot she meets and lives with a girl.

The role of the youngest child in the family of Liam Gallager in the first seasons was played by Joseph Fernis. From the third season to the eighth in the role of a black boy, whose biological father is Frank, Johnny Bennett performed. At the time of filming the actor was only 7 years old. Work at Bezstyzhikh is his first real work experience in cinema and it is worth mentioning that he was very successful.

The role of Frank Gallager, the head of a non-profitable family, in the American version of the series “Shameless” was tried on by the famous Hollywood actor William Macy. The future actor was born in 1950 in the family of a military pilot. Creative activity began in 1971, speaking in the theater. Debut in the movie – the role of Will Beagle in the 1978 film "The Land of Awakening." Along the way, work in “Shameless” is removed in other projects. His last work is the film "Parking", where he is also a director in combination.

The eldest daughter Fiona is played by actress and singer Amy Rossum, popular with young people. Her acting career, Amy started in 1996 when she performed the role of Luanna in the television film Grace and Glory. In total, the assets of a young actress are more than thirty works in films and on television. In 2007 she released her debut and so far the only album with her own songs.

Jeremy Allen White is a promising American actor. He was born in 1991 in the city of New York. Work in the cinema began with the painting "Beautiful Ohio" in 2006. He starred in the feature film “The Twelve” and a sarcastic parody of the popular Movie 43 films. But the most popular Jeremy brought the role of Philip Gallager in the project "Shameless".

The role of the middle son of the family in the American adaptation was performed by the young and talented actor Kamera Riley Monahen. Born August 16, 1993 in Santa Monica. He started acting in films since 2002, and by his 25 years he has a good baggage of work (about 40 works in films, TV shows and cartoons). In addition to "Shameless" also starred in the TV series "Gotem" and "Street of Mercy." Despite the fact that he plays a homosexual in the series, in life he positions himself as heterosexual.

Emma Kinney performed the role of the youngest of Frank's daughters – Debbie Gallagher. By the time of appearance in the series, the girl already had a little experience in the movies. To date, the show "Shameless" is her main place of work. The series actually became the starting point for her, thanks to the role of Debbie, she became known not only in the US, but also outside the country.

The role of Frank Monica Gallagher's wife in American “Shameless” was played by Chloe Webb, a famous American actress. She first appeared on screens in 1982 in the television series Remington Steel. Despite the fact that the adaptation continues to appear on the screens and was extended for another season, Webb finished shooting there in 2016. In the story, her character Monica Gallagher died.

The youngest of the American Gallagher at different times played four different children. At first it was Blake Johnson and Brennon Johnson, and later they were replaced by Brendan and Brenden Sims.

The show in the UK and the USA turned out so successful that Russian producers could not get past this fact. In 2016, the Russian version of "Shameless" was announced on the NTV channel. The series was completely "Russified" and launched on air in September 2017. Despite the success of foreign options, Russian shameless people literally failed, only one season of the show was filmed and shown.

The main role of the father of the family Gosha Gruzdeva was played by Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Alexei Shevchenko. The viewer is known for his role as a repeat offender in the action-packed series “Taiga. The course of survival "and work in the" Soldier's Decameron. " Shevchenko also starred in the TV series “The Return of Mukhtar” for a long time. In 2018, the NTV television channel hosted the premiere of the series The Copper Sun, in which Alexey played the role of ensign Danilych.

Vseriale attended another famous actor Andrei Chadov. In the series, he played the role of Denis, Kati's boyfriend, the eldest daughter of Gosha Gruzdev, the good for nothing father. Work in this series is hard to bring to the asset to Andrei as successful. The failed series and an almost episodic role can not be compared with the much brighter roles of Chadov.

Little-known actors also took part in the Russian version of Shameless: Victoria Zabolotnaya performed the role of Katya, the eldest daughter, Konstantin Davydov played the eldest son, Eldar Kalimulin played the role of the middle son, Cyrus Fleisher played the role of the younger daughter, and the role of the younger son went to Arseny Perel.

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