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In most cases, public holidays, recognized as non-working days, give residents of the country a three- or even four-day mini-vacation. If the “red day of the calendar” falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then on Monday an additional day off is usually appointed. If the holiday according to the calendar falls on Tuesday or Thursday, then the only working day that “breaks” rest is also declared non-working. In this case, the inhabitants of the country either “work off” one of the nearest Saturdays, or “extra” weekends are transferred to any other current date of the current year on Fridays or Mondays adjacent to holidays.

The project of carrying out weekends for each year is prepared by the Ministry of Labor, after which a special Decree is issued by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Those who waited for the June holidays, hoping for a "long weekend", will be disappointed. The Day of Russia, celebrated on June 12, this year fell strictly on the middle of the working week, on Wednesday – and this is the only state holiday in 2019, in which residents of the country will walk only one day. In accordance with the approved Resolution no weekend transfers in June.

This “bad luck” happens every five to six years: the last time Russia Day was on Wednesday in 2013, and that summer mini-vacation was not provided either. Next time this holiday will be on Wednesday in 2024.

Thus, for those whose work schedule provides for a standard five-day, the alternation of weekends and working days for the June holidays in 2019 will look like this:

  • 8-9 numbers, saturday-sunday – standard two-day weekend;
  • one0 monday – Common workday;
  • 11, Tuesday – “short” day (according to the law, on the eve of the holiday, the duration of the working day / shift must be less than an hour, while paying for such a day in full);
  • 12, Wednesday – a holiday non-working day dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Russia;
  • 13-14, Thursday-Friday – normal working days.

With a six-day working week, the schedule will be the same, with the amendment that all Saturdays will be working. Those who work on a shift schedule and will be required to go to work at a time while the whole country is walking, work on June 12 must be paid in double.

It should be noted that schoolchildren who take the EGE and GIA, as well as students (who usually have a summer session in June), on a holiday on June 12 have the same right to rest as working citizens of the country – the administration of educational institutions should not to appoint for this date examinations, consultations, tests and other activities related to the educational process.

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