How to cook the perfect scramble or why scrambled eggs do not work

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Neither the perfect omelette, nor the perfect scrambled eggs require extra liquid. Water, milk and even cream are superfluous in the recipe for an airy dish. They follow the unappetizing puddle into the pan and turn the protein into "rubber."

When should a scramble be salted? Absolutely not when you just beat the eggs. Salt crystals are capable of both promoting the release of moisture from the egg mixture and preventing it. Salt, added just before cooking scrambled eggs or while the scramble is fried, will draw the liquid out of the eggs and you will again run into an unappetizing pool. But if you salt the preparation for 15 minutes and let the salt dissolve, then the seasoning on the contrary will prevent the proteins from coagulating, they will be more airy and your scrambled eggs will not "burst into tears". No time for these "ceremonies"? Then salt almost ready dish.

For scrambled eggs it is not enough just to mix the yolk with protein with a few movements of the fork. The air will get into the mixture and will give it fluffiness only if you vigorously beat the mixture for a few minutes. And better than the whisk. A sure sign that everything is going as it should – the egg mass has become much paler.

If you do not cook for the whole company, you do not need to take a large frying pan. Not only does it heat up longer and it requires more oil, the whipped mixture spreads on its surface in a thin layer, which means that it is more difficult for you to control the consistency – eggs can quickly burn or overheat and become “rubbery”. Take a small frying pan or saucepan.

Scramble-egg is a quick dish, but not one that is cooked in a hurry. The heat disrupts the airy texture of the mixture and the scrambled eggs turn out dry and tough. You will need at least 5-7 minutes to get the perfect cream eggs.

Keep scrambled eggs on fire until ready? A mistake! Scramble-egg is one of those dishes that continues to be cooked even after you have removed the pan from the stove and put the eggs on the plate. There is enough residual heat for them to turn from a fluffy tender mass into a dry and hard one on the way from the stove to the consumer. Remove the scrambled eggs from the fire when it looks almost ready. Then to the table you will be able to serve her perfect.

  • 2 large chicken eggs;
  • 2 tsp of butter;
  • 1 teaspoon heavy cream or sour cream;
  • a pinch of salt.
  1. Beat the eggs in a glass bowl and whisk. Beat until mixture turns pale and begins to bubble a little.
  2. Melt the butter over a small fire in a small skillet. Oil should foam, but in no case be brown. Pour the beaten eggs into the pan and allow ten seconds to grab them.
  3. Take a silicone spatula or a wooden spatula and mix the eggs. Continue stirring them every 10-15 seconds. If the mixture sets too quickly, remove from the heat and let the pan cool slightly, then return the dishes to the stove again.
  4. When the scrambler is almost ready, salt them and add fat sour cream or cream. Stir several times and while the scrambled eggs are slightly moist, transfer it to a pre-heated pan.

Famous chef Gordon Ramsay offers a slightly different way to prepare scramble. He pours the egg mixture into a cold frying pan or stew pan with a piece of butter and cooks it over low heat, stirring until the eggs begin to turn into a great creamy mass, about 6-7 minutes. Then he removes the pan of fire, adds another piece of butter, returns the eggs to the stove and cooks, continuing to stir, for a few more minutes. Once again, removing the pan from the heat, the chef puts fat cream or sour cream into the scrambler, seasoning it with salt, pepper and chopped chives and serves it along with toast.

Traditionally scramble-egg is served for breakfast along with toast. It is together, and not on toast, that the slice of toasted bread remains crispy, and the eggs – cream. Scrambled eggs are seasoned with freshly ground black pepper or chili flakes, chopped chives, spring onions or dill, a drop of truffle oil or hot ketchup. Along with it they serve smoked salmon, fried champignons, ham, smoked chicken or turkey breast, diced.

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