“Enugu Guber and Ugwuanyi’s Wind of Victory” -Nigerian

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Enugu Guber and Ugwuanyi's wind of victory

From Louis Amoke

With the successful completion of the presidential and national assembly elections, the stage is now ready for government and state elections, in which the Enugu State Governor and Gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is ready to make a landslide victory win.

The outcome of the National Assembly elections in Enugu State was overwhelming as the PDP candidates filled all positions. This achievement was in fact a confirmation of the party's strength in the state, as well as the popularity and acceptance of the governor by the people. The results of the 9th of March government elections and State State elections are very predictable for the future.

It has been documented that the state of Enugu has been a PDP state since 1999, with candidates holding all election positions, national assembly, state assembly, council presidency and council membership, although the party lost power at the national level in 2015

Today, through Governor Ugwuanyi, the party has continued to enjoy and support the initiatives of peace and good governance, unusual leadership and absolute faith in God, to whom he has given all the honor, honor and worship that Enugu has entrusted to his hands the human.

As a true man of the people with immeasurable modesty, foresight, simplicity and openness, Ugwuanyi has built a closer relationship with the masses and unified political, religious and traditional leaders born of his firm belief in the unity, peace and progress of the state of Enugu ,

The Governor's ability to address issues of differing interests and to give due respect to everyone, regardless of class, religion, ethnicity or political affiliation, is outstanding and has contributed immensely to the success story of his government during the recession of the national economy Board came.

His government's ideology, which focuses on peace and grassroots initiatives, has been carefully designed to promote rapid development, alleviate human suffering, give the neglected a sense of belonging, and open new areas for socio-economic expansion to open up. The Klangvision has highlighted the governor as a great success and founding leader.

Of the more than 450 kilometers of road covered by its administration over the last three and a half years, rural communities have the lion's share of urban centers. Today, there are avalanches of signature projects that span the entire length and breadth of the state and positively affect the lives of residents, such as the historic and wavy Milliken Hill, Ngwo, Enugu and the two-lane Opi-Nsukka highway in the university town of Nsukka. Previously neglected communities have been remembered with one or the other legacy through the government's rural development programs such as the One Community One Project initiative.

Employees' salaries are paid on the 23rd of each month, even if they do not receive a federal assignment or if the appointment falls on a Saturday or Sunday. The state government also pays the 13th monthly salary as a Christmas bonus.

The state pensioners, who receive their pension on time, recently paid the People's Governor a symbolic thank-you for the payment of arrears they owed as of January 2009, out of the monthly N100 million approved for this purpose by his administration.

Priority was given to the education sector as more than 589 elementary and secondary schools were built, renovated and equipped with ICT facilities (some), while over 4,000 teachers were hired to improve the country's learning standard.

In the healthcare sector, alongside the completion of the state-of-the-art state-of-the-art medical diagnostic center, Enugu, and the construction of district hospitals across the state, the positive impact of the state health care program on rural communities has been "Free Maternal and Child "Health care and the integration of faith-based organizations have strengthened the provision of basic medical services.

In empowerment, 3,400 traders have benefited from the first and second phases of the Enugu State Traders Empowerment Scheme, while 1,000 youths (now increased to 2,000) have been meaningfully used to rehabilitate the state as part of the Enugu Clean Team Project.

As scholarships, 680 needy engineering students from the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu and Enugu State Polytechnic Iwollo, the Ezeagu LGA, were offered to promote the use of potentials of knowledge transfer, business growth and self-employment beneficiaries. 750 unemployed youths were trained and supported in funding under the State of Assembly's Skill Acquisition (Sustainable Development Goals) program to build their various practice operations.

The prevailing peace and security in the state of Enugu has promoted foreign and local direct investment and given the state the enviable status of being one of the most peaceful and secure states in the country – a fact that INEC accredited observers for the Presidency and National Assembly on 23 February Approved.

As a result, the state of Enugu has recently been ranked by the World Bank Group as the second largest state in Nigeria at the frontier of global good practices in terms of Ease of Doing Business.

The state under the supervision of Governor Uguwanyi has received other avalanches with excellent ratings and awards. These milestones, which are a hallmark of good governance, include the verdict of the Senate Committee on State and Local Government Administration, which identified Ugwuanyi as the best governor for sound use of bailout funds. the judgment recently published by Economic Confidential that Enugu is among the seven states that are solvent with over 30 percent internal income (IGR) to finance additional economic activity; The BudgIT report listing Enugu, Lagos and Rivers as the only three states from the 36 states of the Federation that imposed obligations on their employees, among others.

In recognition of all these milestones, four leading national daily newspapers – The Sun, Vanguard, Leadership and Independent Newspapers – Ugwuanyi have honored their Governor of the Year 2018 this year, a feat unique in the country's history.

All these milestones, and others too numerous to mention, have in fact brought Governor Ugwuanyi a storm of proponents for his re-election by virtually all sectors of society, including non-Indigenous people.

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of the Enugu Nigeria Ministry of Education (AMEN) and Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma of the Enugu Province approved the re-election of Governor Ugwuanyi and stated that there was "no vacancy in the Lion House in 2019" Methodist Church from Nigeria, his Eminence, dr. Samuel & # 39; Emeka Kanu Uche, described the second term of the governor as "sacrosanct".

Remarkably, all the traditional rulers in the state of Enugu assembled for the first time in the history of the state and unanimously approved the governor of the people for a second term and presented him with an "ofo" as a symbol of authority for their support and approval.

Traders, civil servants, pensioners, political leaders, students, youth, artisans, academics, non-Indigenous people, and more than 450 self-help groups are also among the mature, revered, and independent stakeholders unanimously approved Ugwuanyi's re-election.

Recently, the governing coalition of various political parties in the state of Enugu has unanimously approved Governor Ugwuanyi for re-election to "complete the good work that you have begun in our state".

The total of 26 candidates, through their coordinator Vicgenial C. Odumejemba of the National Conscience Party (NCP) stated that endorsing the recognition was "sustainable security and peace in the state." The Gubernatorial candidates added that it was due to the "humane and down to earth approach of the governor to non-discriminatory issues" and "prudent spending and refusal to borrow unnecessarily as economic experts and debt managers."

They therefore pledged to mobilize their teeming supporters to massively vote for Governor Ugwuanyi, stressing that the governor "carried with him all the political parties in the state and led an all-embracing government."

According to her statement, "former governors, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani and Barr. Sullivan Chime, each served 8 years and RT Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is assisted to serve also 8 years."

Apart from all these, Governor Ugwuanyi is still committed to a strong door-to-door campaign in the marketplaces, communities and streets of the state to win votes, to establish direct contact with people and to urge them into masses to vote for him and other PDP candidates in the state.

From the above, therefore, it is an indisputable fact that Governor Ugwuanyi is the candidate to beat in the upcoming government elections in the state of Enugu. He points out that the wind of victory is upon us and the elections on March 9 will certainly end in praise. Let's let it happen again, because the state of Enugu is really in the hands of God! #amokelouis

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