Two million women hold a rally calling on Atiku to launch the presidential election to Buhari for Goodluck Jonathan and the country’s progress -Nigerian

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Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in last Saturday's presidential election, was asked to walk the path of former President Goodluck Jonathan and congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari on his election victory.

The call was made by women under the auspices of the "Two Million Women's Rally for Democracy" held in Abuja on Friday.

Mary Onuche, the convenor of the "Two Million Women's Rally for Democracy," noted that although the PDP candidate is in the second half of the year, such a disturbing and horrible atmosphere could lead to anarchy.

She said, "Fortunately for Nigeria, our democracy, while still young, has developed in ways that reassure us that things can only get better. One such leap is the development in 2015, when then-President Goodluck called Jonathan to congratulate then-election winner, incumbent President Buhari, even before the vote was finalized. This unique act of patriotism is today celebrated as the benchmark for the level of governance offered to the candidates in our elections. May God bless President Goodluck Jonathan, the hero of our modern democracy.

"This has become a modern democratic culture in Nigeria, for which former President Jonathan will continue to receive awards. If he had acted differently at the time, democratic growth in Nigeria might have been stunted or even cut off.

"But fortunately he has set the standard, a standard we now expect from everyone who participates in the presidential election. We therefore call on Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to emulate the leadership of President Jonathan and to abandon his ongoing disruptive attitude to the elections.

There were a series of calls calling and congratulating the President and congratulating President Buhari as the election winner, suggesting that he would give up any legal challenge to the election results. We are tempted to adjust to the first half of this demand, which Atiku calls President Buhari to congratulate, but we will not suggest that he give up his right to legal redress. He is very free to go to the courts to air his complaints. "

However, the group urged him to a position that would ensure peace in the by-election process, and noted that his statements against the election result could trigger a crisis in the country.

She continued, "What is unacceptable, however, is taking over positions and statements interpreted by its supporters and party members as a call to violence. We have become aware that its supporters are seeking strategic protests against violent protests in order to cause chaos nationwide and overthrow the government. Some of Atiku's lieutenants and political partners subtly encourage such protests through comments they have made in the mainstream media and their social media accounts.

"The hostile environment created by Atiku's stance has become even scarcer due to his demands for President Buhari made through the National Peace Committee. Such behavior points to an opposition that has turned into a dictatorship, one that wants to blackmail the country, impose itself on the people if it was clearly rejected in the elections. This is unacceptable at a time when Nigerians expect that anyone who wanted to rule the country would at least embrace the sports spirit of former President Jonathan.

"Our democracy comes first in front of the personal fixations of a politician. We insist that the peace agreement signed by political parties and their candidates, including Atiku, is respected. Nigeria really deserves peace and stability at this time. That is why we are organizing this "Two Million Women's Collection for Democracy in Nigeria" to promote national stability and peace in Nigeria.

"Although we remain apolitical, the assessments of international election observation missions, which, despite their prior leaning towards Atiku prior to the elections, have encouraged us to conclude that the conduct and outcome of the survey are satisfactory. We suggest that Atiku take the time to slow down and listen to his foreign allies, who have now come to the conclusion that even the parallel voting table used as control shows that the PDP candidate was pretty much defeated. "



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