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Tucker Talk II: The 50 Production Car – May 11th at the AACA Museum, Inc.

Some of you could attend the Tucker Gallery Talk on January 26th "Tucker: How it all started." The Tucker Automobile Club of America was pleased that this program sold out with over 50 guests. It shows a strong interest in Tucker, and they were excited to see everyone's enthusiasm. Special thanks go to Mark Lieberman and John Tucker, Jr., who have agreed to share their knowledge and be the speakers during this program.

Tucker Talk II: The 50 production cars – May 11th

The second Tucker Talk focuses on the 50 Tucker vehicles. In contrast to the first program, which was a roaming lecture at the Cammack Tucker Gallery, it should be a sitting presentation in one of the museum's function rooms. This program is scheduled for May 11, 2009 from 2:00 am to 3:00 pm for the program, followed by a question and answer session. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the whole museum throughout the day. The program is again presented by Mark Lieberman and John Tucker Jr.

Program Awards:

This program is FREE for all Tucker Automobile Club of America (TACA) members.

Non-members receive $ 17.50 for adults $ 16.50 for seniors (61 and older) | $ 14.50 for Children (4-12) – These rates include the AACA Museum, Inc. entry for the day in addition to the program.

The program is limited to 50 participants and registration is required. The previous program SOLD OUT, therefore we strongly recommend you to register quickly.

Mark Lieberman is the president of Nostalgic Motoring, which deals with classic and collectible vehicles, and has seven patents. In 1991 he bought the first of the five Tucker automobiles he owned. Through his business he is actively involved in the restoration and conservation of Tucker vehicles. Mark continues to serve as technical advisor and historian at Tucker Automobile Club of America (TACA). He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the AACA Museum as a representative of the Executive Board of TACA.

John Tucker Jr. is the grandson of Preston Tucker. John was only three years old when Preston died, but he has made it his mission to learn about him through family and extensive research. He is the former president of the Tucker Automobile Club of America (TACA) and currently a TACA Advisory Council member. John provided valuable insights and support to the AACA Museum during the planning stages of the Cammack Tucker Gallery and was elected to the AACA Museum Board of Directors this year. He is also on the Board of Directors Swigart Museum in Huntington, PA, another Pennsylvania museum that owns several Tucker automobiles.

AACA Museum, Inc. | 161 Museum Drive | 717-566-7100

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