Kingsley Moghalu finally speaks after the electoral defeat -Nigerian

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I was very saddened by the death of various acts of violence during the presidential elections of 23 February and the elections to the National Assembly. My heartfelt condolences go to families who have lost loved ones, and I pray that the wounded will recover the fastest.

The failure of INEC to conduct the elections, the massive vote and vote through various methods, and violence in various parts of the country have undermined the credibility of the elections. The APC and the PDP were both involved in the grievances.

The number of votes that INEC had chosen for my candidacy did not match the election strength of that candidacy. These false figures were the result of the brazen theft of our votes and the suppression of our voters. George Muoghalu congratulates President Buhari and not Kingsley Moghalu. However, it seems that the determined determination of many citizens to reject voter turnout far outweighed the desire for a real change in our politics and governance in 2019.

Although we have not won this election in terms of total votes, the outcome of the presidential election is an indication of where our society is currently located: 2019 is the last breath of the old political order that has deprived Nigeria of real development. I trust and believe that this situation will change until 2023. As we evolve as a country, we need a fundamental reform of our electoral system if our democracy is to have real meaning.

Elections, as they are organized and conducted in Nigeria today, are a farce. We need to reform voter registration, voting and voting systems by making processes more transparent through better use of technology. To date, these processes are tedious, inefficient and vulnerable to risks and performance deficiencies as we have experienced them. We must also strengthen the punishment and enforce the responsibility for electoral offenses.

Buhari's re-election for Nigerians, says Moughalu Nigerians in Diaspora have transferred billions of dollars home each year. Our fellow citizens living abroad have to be able to vote abroad from 2023 onwards. Following the completion of the current elections, immediate action is needed to achieve this goal.

President Muhammadu Buhari, whom INEC has announced as the winner of the 2019 presidential election, owes the Nigerians to an inclusive, competent government that can heal our country and crush millions of Nigerians out of poverty. This requires a very different approach to poverty reduction through the non-sustainable populist initiatives of the APC government, which do not create jobs or improve actual economic productivity and living standards.

A new, philosophical and conceptual approach to business management that goes beyond pure economic growth statistics beyond actual economic development and structural change remains an urgent priority for our country. Our fight for a better and well-organized society, for a productive and inclusive economy that breaks the spine of poverty, and for restoring Nigeria's leadership in the world. For my part, I will be involved in this fight in the long run. Signing of the presidential candidate of Kingsley Moghalu YPP in the 2019 elections.

Signed: Kingsley Moghalu

YPP presidential candidate in the 2019 elections.

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