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Everyone loves fish from the water Drag racesHowever, at this time, nobody is really surprised when a Hellcat-powered Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Slaughters a supercar on the towing bar. Did we just spoil the result of this video in the first sentence of the article? Come on, this is not our first rodeo – there are actually three breeds that occur here, and to say the bone McLaren 600LT is slaughtered for one of them. The other two? That's another story.

Before we move on, you should know the following about each vehicle. The McLaren is unchanged, but that still means that a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 is mounted in the middle and produces 592 horsepower in a car that weighs just a little more than the average spring jacket. It can flash to 60 mph in less than three seconds, and the faster it gets, the better its air shape cuts off the wind. The jeepbut does not cut wind. It comes forward like a heavyweight winner because it is actually a 2.5 ton weight. Hennessey In addition, the Hellcat V8 is set to deliver 1,000 horsepower, which is almost a whole grunt of the entire Mustang GT compared to the McLaren.

Keep an eye on these statistics when you watch the video, as there are only a few cases where the numbers in the real application are so clearly stated. With no aerodynamic forces competing against the Jeep, the much stronger engine (in terms of both power and torque) and four-wheel drive pushed the 5,000-pound SUV forward with absurd acceleration. For the first race, both cars started at the same time without using any sort of take-off control, and the McLaren was left dead. The Jeep sets the supercar several vehicle lengths before the aerodynamics prevents the performance advantage of the Trackhawk. However, it is too late for the 600LT.

However, take this start-up advantage away from the Jeep and it's a different story. For the second lap, the 600LT uses the start control and "gets the hit" – that is, the Jeep does not drive until the McLaren starts to move. It may give the Super a half-second advantage, and this time it's the Jeep who never had a chance.

As for the third race? As we said, it is not our first rodeo. We will not spoil the excitement, so sit back, click on play, and see how these super machines from different universes end this fight.

Source: Hennessey Performance on YouTube

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