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Good price or crack pipeIs the used car a good deal? You decide!

The seller of today Good price or crack pipe Evora classifies the condition of the car in his ad as "good" and shows in his pictures war injuries. All this means that this lotus has a relatively low price – for an Evora – but will that be enough to grow out of good ones?

Yesterday I was scolded because of my anger about cars in which more than two doors are referred to as "Coupes". Yeah, it's something that really drives my ass crazy. I also have a problem with calling golfers athletes, but that's a hill I do not want to die on today. Why should I have a fantastic net price of 76 percent to celebrate?

The feat was created by the 2012 Volkswagen CC we looked at each other on Thursday. With a rare six-speed floor and a modest price of $ 6,356, this low-roofed VW seemed to have the world on a string. Victory tied everything in a good shape.

What do you think of 2 + 2 engines with mid-engine? Yes, they are tight. No, you will not get an adult into the back of an adult unless under duress. The theory, however, is that four-seaers of each nation have lower insurance rates and therefore provide greater rationalization for their property.

On Tuesday we looked at a modern mid-engine 2 + 2 – a BMW i8 Hybrid – and today we look at another. No, I do not think it's a trend.

These 2010 Lotus Evora It is more of a traditional version of the mid-engine than Tuesday i8. Even with its quite secular V6 engine derived from the Toyota Camry. It still makes a lot more noise when it's fun than the BMW.

The better comparison may be with the Porsche Cayman, as it also has six cylinders placed between the ships in models of this era. Then the Porsche lacks the rear seats of the Evora.

Most people would find the back seats of the Lotus too weak. Who could sit back without complaint? I think a newborn thinks the room is acceptable. Also the quadruple amputee out The Ballad of Buster Scruggs would probably fit, albeit in a horribly scary way.

The rest of us would probably be happier in the front seats, and frankly the Evora is a good car from this point of view. Especially from the left side. That's all the fun that really happens.

This is mainly due to the extraordinary handling and steering of Evora, which controls almost every mind of the Jedi. Then there is the powertrain. The 3.5-liter 2GR-FE V6 pumps a suction power of 276 hp and is connected at the hip with a six-speed manual. The engine does its job with a Lotus mapping function, so you do not have to constantly reverse the Camry.

This one comes in Black & Tan, which is also one of my favorite places. The body is slightly worn, with a considerable interruption at the rear fender, where it hits the driver's door. There are also some scratches on the door itself, so one wonders what the other guy looks like. For unknown reasons, a new windshield was installed.

The seller says the car contains both the Sport and Comfort packages as well as a custom exhaust. I do not know what the Evora owners are, but they can never leave their fumes alone. The oil change has been carried out regularly, and the tires are located at the front and rear of the new Continentals.

The interior seems to have held up well. If you're a fan of Lotus products, you'll be surprised at the interior of the Evora for the constructive and professional level it offers. The head unit in the dashboard is an aftermarket touchscreen from Joying, a company that will eventually overcome its threadbare name.

As I noted at the beginning, the condition of this Evora is considered "good" by its seller. This may be detrimental to low praise, but that means the car is questionable with a rather low value of $ 33,900 for Evora.

With 59,000 miles on the clock – which is a lot for a Lotus – and a clean title, you must weigh that damn praise in determining the value of this car. In your opinion, what is the "good" Evora worth to lose $ 33,900 in good money? Or for that much would it have to be great?

You decide!

Washington, D.C. craigslist, or go Here when the ad disappears

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