Check men “for lice”

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A woman always tries a man "to the tooth" and arranges testing him for inner strength and fortitude.

To do this prescribes her self-imposed instinct. Why? The fact is that the female instinct is obliged from time to time to receive confirmation that the man chosen by the woman is a really strong male. So don’t be in a hurry to blame women: more often, she doesn’t even realize to herself the deep subconscious motive of her next trick. Moreover, as we know, Nature even obliges a woman to surrender herself only to high-ranking men, ruthlessly reject others or use them for her own purposes.

How are these checks for lice carried out?

A woman commits a certain abomination and looks at the reaction of a man. Your reaction is important. “Swallowed”, tolerated, disregarded or vice versa — he bristled — a fat minus to you as a strong male, leader.

Once my friends left me with a very cute and intelligent red dog for the duration of their holidays. One of the first actions of a “guest” in my house was the departure of a small need in my corridor before my eyes.
The dog was well aware that writing in the house was bad (I know this dog well), but it was important for him to see my reaction. In other words, he tried to probe for himself the framework of the permissible, encouraged or forbidden. After making sure that there will not be any puddles here, and the owner of the house is an indisputable authority, the dog readily accepted his second place in our home hierarchy. There were other checks: whether or not one could climb onto the bed without permission, whether one could beg for food at dinner and others.

Women do the same, on your floor only, I hope, do not write. At the very beginning of a relationship, a woman determines the character of a man, his habits, but most importantly, what is acceptable for him and what is not.

She raised her voice once or twice, did he endure? It means that it will continue to endure, which means it can be done with BAT. She promised to call back and did not call back, there was no man’s decisive reaction, which means that this will be NORMAL.

Men, remember:
the woman with you leads exactly as you allow her.

All these excuses and excuses about "spoiled", "complex", PMS, "I wanted to draw attention," "you are not intolerant of attention" – no more than an attempt to inflate you. Kinda also check. Leave this nonsense for Babskie magazines.

The main problem of the described process is that the “authority” of a strong male, who perceives the self-instinct, being undermined or completely lost, is NOT RECEIVABLE to recovery. That is why it is so important to set the right tone with a woman right away, to follow the strategic principles of the relationship and to adhere to them always and strictly.

The second problem is the good-natured naivety of men: they, like normal civilized people, think that if they give in, they will find favor in the woman’s eyes as a result of the woman’s understanding of the “act of goodwill” that a man performs. "I went to meet you, and you go," men think. Consciousness of the woman, really, is possible and will put the man a "plus", but the instinct, obviously, is a "minus". Concessions and troughs men dig their graves in their relationships with these women: the weak male will be recorded by the dominant woman on the list of "friends", "sponsors", "alternate aerodromes".

Women voice to men the understandable conscious desire of “civilization” of relations, joint decision-making, and so on. Men and heed, forgetting that the words of women far from always need to be taken literally, that there is another, more often, more important voice of a woman – the female instinct.

Moreover, the gentleness, gentleness and indulgence of a man to the antics of a woman are indispensable attributes of the so-called image. "real man" (see chapter on female manipulation). But the self-imposed instinct, alas, is not reasonable, "deflection" when checking it counts as a loss in the status of a high-ranking man.

Worst of all, these indulgent “swallowing” and “deflections” most often occur at the very early stage of communication with a woman, the so-called "flower-candy" period, when the foundation of possible relationships is laid, their main rules are defined. It is here that lies the reason for the failures of millions of young people who, after a couple of successful (from their point of view) dating, suddenly come across the silent disinterest of girls in continuing relationships, the reluctance of sexual rapprochement. The girl's instinct "considered information" about a man and identified him as a weakling, the "dynamo" or "milking of the sponsor-alenya" mode is activated.

A lot of "deflections" are committed by men for fear of losing a woman or "access to the body." Stupid men are trying to cajole women, to fulfill her every desire, request or even order. But by demonstrating their "obedience" they achieve the exact opposite: they turn … into a dog on a rug in the corridor.

Or do you control the relationship and are a woman a man, a leader or you are a woman. There is no other way. Choose.

When men who have problems with conflicts with their women turn to me for advice, the first thing I pay attention to is whether she can raise her voice to a man or scream at him. This is a very good and quick indicator of the status of relationships, a kind of rapid test.

Every man should understand that a woman almost always behaves as she is ALLOWED, in that “corridor” of permissible behavior that a man took for her. And every man is responsible for the "corridor". It is important to be firm and remember the true nature of "lice tests": this is not the evil intent of a woman, this is her instinct, so it is arranged. "Samples for the weak" never disappear altogether – this is a property of the instinctive need for periodic tests of men. In other words, if you enter into a relationship with a woman, be prepared to put her in place from time to time. Otherwise you will destroy this relationship with your own hands.

The wider "behavioral corridor" a woman has, the stronger the feeling of permissiveness in her, the more she digs, the more she is inclined to demand or bargain for the expansion of this "corridor". Positive feedback.

I by no means call for despotism and stubborn intractability! But in the minds of women there must be things that are fixed as unacceptable.

It is possible to require ice cream: small female whims (small!) Can sometimes be satisfied. Making fun of you in the company of friends at a picnic and sharing the private details of your relationship is absolutely impossible.

What EXACTLY should not allow a woman:

raise your voice, scream, make hysterics
blackmail, say, with a divorce or “going to my mom”, put forward ultimatums
manipulate (see chapter "Female manipulations")
lie – no matter what "reasons" this lie was not caused
"take out the dirty linen in public" and involve third-party arbitrators in solving controversial issues
disclose intimate and private details of your relationship, your life.

Remember: the adjustment of a woman to you is provided for by her instinctive program, the subordination of you by a woman takes you out of her perception as a Man.

Your women are in your hands.

© Dmitry Seleznyov

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