Canadian professor drank 10 years to find the perfect way to get rid of a hangover

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A 44-year-old professor and writer, Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall from Canada, drunk tirelessly in 30 cities around the world for a good purpose — to find the perfect hangover cure.

During his adventures, Shonossey tried every medicine and method, including intravenous therapy, the so-called polar bear swim in ice water, herbal collections of various cultures.

Bishop-Stoll carefully wrote down each glass, shot glass, shot and all the symptoms of the following morning, and then went and got drunk the same way the next day. Only in the morning he had already tried one of the means of a hangover and watched how it works.

During his alcohol expedition, the professor tried hundreds of so-called hangover remedies, including eels, sheep's pickled eyes, a dissolved cigarette in coffee, lime under his arm, and expensive medicines. Also, a Canadian regularly adhered to the strategy of sober – he treated alcohol with a hangover. Bishop-Stoll drank both alone and invited friends and organized grand parties.

It happened to him and bad. Once in the USA, he got so drunk at a party in Arizona that he somehow ended up in the middle of the desert and almost died from a heart attack and dehydration.

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