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The relationship between a man and a woman line up gradually. Psychologists even compare the behavior of partners in a pair with the behavior of gamers. To achieve the goal and make the object of your sympathy fully open, you need to find the right approach to it. Pressing one-by-one imaginary buttons, a woman achieves the position of a man and ties him to herself.

If you compare such a subtle psychological game with a computer, it is important not to stumble at any stage of a relationship. By choosing a button that is not entirely correct, the woman risks moving back to a lower level or permanently retire from the game.

“Need” is the button with which relationships often begin. A woman in search of personal happiness meets her man and begins to demonstrate his interest. At this stage it is important to correctly use the button.

Representatives of the stronger sex love to feel needed, useful. To win a partner, a woman should pretend to be weak. It is important to formulate your needs correctly. A man may be needed as a reliable wall on which to rely, or an equal partner, lover, and good companion. Some women pursue more vested interests. They need a sponsor to solve all their problems. If a man realizes that they are trying to use him, he will most likely be out of the game and not revealed.

Pressing the "Need" button, you need to show your partner that healthy relationships are possible when people share each other's interests and are interested in them. Ideally, when both are in an equitable state and no one has to do something to their own detriment, to sacrifice something.

It is important to show a man that he is needed to share troubles and joys, share events, feelings and thoughts, fears and fears. Accepting the conditions of the game, the partner reciprocates. This is not due to the triggering of any manipulative techniques, but simply because he himself wants it.

At the initial stage of building relationships, some women press other buttons: "Must" and "Save." This is a mistake that could make a man refuse to further communication. If the partner constantly feels the burden of responsibility, it stops him from taking further steps.

The "Save" button is abused by women who are not confident. They all actions and actions show that they can not live without this man and agree on the conditions that he puts forward. All in order to maintain communication. In this situation, relationships can develop further, but they will not be healthy. A woman will have to forget about her principles, desires, and this will oppress her.

Nothing binds a person so much as non-attachment. This is the law of psychology and it works for both genders. But men especially value their freedom. When the relationship is already starting to start, it's time to press the next imaginary “Free” button.

If a woman actively imposes on her partner, infringing upon his independence, and also watches his every step, there is only one desire – to leave as soon as possible, to stop such communication and to become free again. Such pressure can even harm a stable relationship, not to mention nascent feelings.

To allow a man to open up and express himself, you need to concentrate on your thoughts and desires. It is necessary to let a man understand that they are interested in him, he is needed, but if there are no reciprocal feelings, he will not be forcibly held back, manipulated by his will.

The "Accepted" button must be pressed when the relationship has already moved to a higher level. A man should know that his chosen one is able to accept him with all the advantages and disadvantages. If a woman constantly criticizes, makes scandals, expresses dissatisfaction, and in every way tries to insist on her, to suppress the male will, it destroys feelings. A man should be given the opportunity to feel comfortable. Only in this case he can open up.

If a man is not very strong, he will endure and live with such a burden, but this will prevent his self-realization. Many women do not understand that their actions prevent partners from becoming better, richer and more successful. Men need to learn how to take and often praise them. This pushes them to commit truly decisive and worthy deeds. But in this case it is important not to confuse the “Accepted” and “Free” buttons. It is necessary to be able to defend their borders, to designate a certain framework, and not to allow a partner absolutely everything. Groping this fine line, you can be sure that the relationship will develop and the union will be happy.

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