The whole truth about how men raise daughters

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There are many myths about male education. If a girl grows up in a family, dad is the first man she encounters. It depends on him which husband the girl chooses for herself in the future, how she feels about herself. If dad admires the mental abilities and beauty of his daughter, then she will consider herself a clever and beautiful woman. When a father does not take part in family upbringing, it is difficult to guess what grade will be formed under the influence of the opinions of other representatives of the stronger sex.

The formation of most installations begins from the moment of birth. This happens due to communication with parents. Dad's upbringing is different from maternal style and purpose. The main task of the father is to form emotional independence, self-discipline, and correct ideas about family roles. This does not mean that fathers should talk every day about the gender differences of boys and girls, talk about social rules. It is better to simply build good and positive relations, to have common interests, a hobby.

The special influence of the pope occurs in relation to the following aspects:

  • relationship with the opposite sex;
  • self-esteem;
  • the development of femininity;
  • choice of spouse.

Properly formed relationships allow a girl to feel protected in her adolescence, making her passage easier. A girl who has felt fatherly love since childhood, it is easier to assess many difficult life situations, quite simply find a common language with representatives of the stronger sex.

Do not forget that the male education affects imitation. Children receive a lot of knowledge in the process of observation. They monitor the way parents communicate with each other, use the same model when building family relationships in the future. Therefore, dad must behave with dignity. In this case, the girls will be able to choose a future husband for themselves, who will be her support, reliable protection.

Psychologists have shown that the self-esteem of a young beauty is largely predetermined by the opinion of the father. Maternal love often raises the girl on a pedestal, the assessment of a man is considered more objective. Rare fatherly praises are perceived by children more adequately, therefore they are remembered for a long time.

The main mistakes dads:

  • Fathers who do not make remarks to girls, only praise, educate self-confident women with inadequately overestimated self-esteem.
  • Daughters who never received a positive response from the Pope have low self-esteem. They find it harder to realize themselves, to achieve their goals.

Popes, celebrating the success of children, rejoicing in their victories, but not forgetting about constructive criticism, cultivate a holistic and harmonious personality.

Mom in the family is the source of life. Her task is to take care of, care and support. Pope embodies the society within the family, establishes certain rules. He has all the capabilities to establish boundaries, the implementation of punishments.

Today there is a situation when most of the functions are blurry or fuzzy. If all of them are carried out by only one parent, it will be harder for the daughter to adapt to the situation, since unconditional acceptance and limitations are opposite in their manifestations. If dad does not take on these functions, the daughter can go two wrong ways: to violate borders, to live with a constant feeling of heightened anxiety, without having an accurate idea of ​​the limits of what is permitted.

For example, if the father does not fulfill his tasks, and the mother is in charge of establishing the law, the girl doesn’t receive any love, and perceives any punishment as unfair and groundless.

Fathers who praise their daughters in trying to help moms in the kitchen or in cleaning have a positive effect on the formation of femininity in girls. Men should appreciate the work and their women that the child noticed it. Through this approach, a girl from a young age will feel the importance of women in the family.

In the minds of most men, the whole life of a girl is divided into two stages – before puberty and after. At the same time, it does not matter how many stages psychologists break up child development. The first stage is considered in the male mind the simplest, it lasts up to 10 years. So that in the later life of an already grown up child there are no problems, you need to take several steps:

  • Be present in the life of the daughter from the very beginning. You can be just next to her.
  • Find common interests. Remember that at the youngest age the girl will be happy to do the same things as the father.
  • Become her support. A girl should feel that she can always rely on her father.
  • Every evening she must go to sleep, realizing exactly – dad is not on her side.

The second stage begins during the onset of adolescence. This is a period of conscious attitude towards yourself. Dad can take part in the selection of a section or a group, to support achievements in this area. It is important not to ignore important events in the life of the child. The main mistake at this stage of education is the increased formation of femininity.

This is important, but the test of all its qualities, including leadership qualities, comes to the fore. If you shift the child’s attention only towards the future family life, you can “block” the path to self-realization. When a girl begins to be critical of his appearance, it is especially important for dad to try to maintain a spiritual connection with her. After about 13 years, you can begin to include the development of femininity. Well, if dad takes his daughter to the movies, shows by his example a gallant attitude.

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