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[RUMOR]    C8 Mid-engine Corvette to start production in December?

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Has a GM supplier just let the cat out of his pocket when it comes to Chevy? C8 mid-engine corvette Plans?

A comment posted on the website this afternoon Corvette Forum says GM will start production of the 2020 Corvette in December. The post came from a member named "NiceRide" who participated in the conversation on the GM document that we posted on Wednesday Corvette production of 2020 "Definitely",

In today's post, NiceRide wrote:

We were informed (GM supplier) that the SOP was postponed to December.

We've already discussed how easy these rumors are on the internet, and before we get on the train, we always want to see if there's any kind of truth. The reason we share this information is that the user has explicitly stated that he is a GM supplier who has been informed with the news, and that starting production in December appears to fit within the timeframe that results that the vehicle has been delayed due to technical problems.

Unfortunately, the success of these rumors did not live up to the hype. Our friend John at the reminds us of these other rumors that have been presented as "truths", including:

The last rumor on the list was so stupid that I did not even bother with a refutation. A few days later a few C8 were tested in and around San Diego.

Like the Fox Mulder FBI office UFO poster saying, "I want to believe," launching the C8 production in December would probably mean that the first customer cars will be delivered sometime in January 2020, while C7 production will be delivered in January Summer and possibly last until early fall. And when we talk about timelines, a unveil at the NCM Anniversary Show At the end of August, the timeline also fits in nicely, as does a revelation at a "GM stand-alone summer event," which was also rumored.

I know that many of you are angry with the various rumors and no official word from GM about it. However, as we approach GM's internal timeline, the proportion of public advocacy should increase dramatically as more suppliers, vendors, and others gain a clearer picture of GM's plans.

Take this rumor with a grain of salt (and a dash of tequila) and let's see again in a few months' time if it comes to fruition.


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