Rats are not pests, but friends!

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Animals unique in their physiology and intellect, adapted to any conditions, and quickly adapting to their changes.
Some very interesting facts about wild rat pasyuk rats:
• They live in large clans, and females are most often engaged in food extraction. The task of the males is to protect the home and look after the young.
• Omnivorous. They can eat almost anything, including conditionally edible things.
• All food is brought to the den, where volunteers try each batch. If the volunteer becomes ill, no one will ever touch such food again, not even the young ones.
• Children eat first, adults eat what's left.
• Capable of joint activities. Develop joint strategies and concerted actions for the protection, delivery of food, education of offspring. Nursing females do not divide their young on their own and others, they feed all those who are hungry.
• They can swim and dive, holding their breath, and keep afloat for quite a long time. According to some sources up to 72 hours.
• The unique structure of the skeleton allows you to make jumps up to 2 meters in height, with no run-up.
• The flexible articulation of the bones makes it possible to squeeze into the absolutely impossible small holes. Where the head will go – the whole rat will pass, if it is not too fat.
• Fearlessness. It is worth remembering that the cat-rat catcher is quite small, they are highly valued. This is not a mouse, and they sell their lives expensive. Only sharp teeth, up to 3 cm long (!!!), will reduce the ardor of the hunter. And if you consider that when attacking a rat aims at the throat, it jumps high – then you should think 100500 times before cornering the rat.

Before you go! Share this content on any social media platform

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