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Avocados that go on sale are ripped off immature, so that they can ripen on the way to the consumer without losing freshness. You can buy fruits of different degrees of ripeness. Although the color of the skin, changing from rich green to dark, almost black, can help with initial visual selection, it is not the most reliable indicator of maturity. You should take the fruit in your palm and lightly squeeze them, without pressing the fruit with your fingers, so as not to leave dents. If the avocado is not subject to unobtrusive pressure, then it is still immature. But after 4-5 days at room temperature, he will mature. So, if you buy the fruits in reserve – this is your choice.

Avocados, which are already slightly amenable to pressure, will quickly ripen in a day or two. In principle, you can use them in salads already so, but note that such fruits will have difficulty separating the flesh from the stone, but then cut into cubes it will keep the shape well.

Mature fruit is easily affected by gentle pressure. This fruit should be stored in the refrigerator. Its flesh separates well from the bone and is easy to knead. Overripe avocados are too soft to the touch, they are easily dented. When cut, their flesh will be yellowish, and the bones may even begin to darken. Overripe fruits may be slightly rancid in taste.

On the Internet, it is often advised to pry the “button” on the narrow top of the avocado and see the fruit ripened or overripe. In the immature fruit, the stem does not separate at all, in the mature, the skin under it is green, and in the overripe it is brown. This method has a serious drawback – by removing the “button” of the stem, you will give access to the air and the fruit’s pulp will begin to oxidize and darken prematurely. So it is better to choose the fruit with the "button" and leave it intact.

Peeling avocados is easy; it is easy to cut the skin of a ripe fruit with a sharp knife. You can do this very effectively. Put the fruit "on the flank" on a cutting board, put a towel under it for reliability. Holding the avocado with one hand on top of the other, set the knife at the narrow end, in the middle, and begin to rotate the fruit until you cut it in half to the bone. Bone, by the way, can be simply removed using the table leg. The same spoon can extract the pulp if you are going to chop it.

If you need to cut the pulp into slices or cubes, it is better to cut the halves again and remove the skin from the quarters, and only then give them the shape you need. Avocado's fat-rich pulp quickly oxidizes and darkens to prevent this — sprinkle it with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

If you are not going to use the whole avocado at once, wrap the rest of the food with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator. So it can be stored no longer than two days.

There are many dishes of raw avocado pulp. The easiest way is to put avocado slices on bread or cracker, season with salt and pepper and eat right away. If the fruit pulp is mashed with a fork or blender, it can be smeared like butter. Such sandwiches will be especially tasty with ham or boiled meat – turkey, chicken or beef, eggs, smoked fish.

Raw sauces are made from raw avocados. The most famous of them is guacamole. There are dozens of recipes, but the essential ingredients are raw red onion, garlic, and freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice.

Avocados are a popular ingredient in many salads. Its flesh goes well with leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, sweet peppers, meats, seafood, especially shrimps and crabs. Rarely, avocados are put in fruit salads, but in vain – it can decorate this dish.

A new way to eat avocado – put his flesh in a variety of smoothies. And do not forget that this particular fruit is most often added to sushi.

Avocados contain healthy monounsaturated acids, which are not only beneficial for the activity of the cardiovascular system, but also have a positive effect on the brain, as well as promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

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