How to disable the keyboard in the laptop in the BIOS 🚩 Laptops

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To begin with, you should take into account the fact that laptop models of such manufacturers as MSI, Lenovo and Acer are best adapted for this. But before you begin to do anything, it is recommended to study the keyboard attached to the laptop. For some models, the call to the BIOS is carried out through F2, Del, through a combination of buttons or through a specialized hardware button.

In the BIOS section, you need to find an item like USB Support Via. In order for the keyboard to be locked from the child while the operating system is running, it is necessary to set the corresponding parameter value in the BIOS. And that's all – it will only save all the actions performed and restart the laptop.

If we are talking about a more advanced laptop that uses the USB bus to install and connect the keyboard, then there is a more dangerous option to block the keyboard. Just disable (Disabled) USB Legacy Support.

But this is not recommended, because in this case, the keyboard can only be turned on by resetting CMOS. And in order to do this, you will need to disassemble the laptop and find the appropriate switch right on the motherboard. At the same time, neither external devices nor Bluetooth will work.

Separately, it is worth noting laptops from the manufacturer HP, because many of its models are able to block from minor children not all buttons, but only the functional part. Especially for this in HP models there is an item called Action Key Mode. If the user sets the parameter value of this item to β€œdisabled” (Disabled), only the function buttons F1-F12 can be disabled. This will not allow the child to engage in the regulation of brightness, sound and other modes.

In addition to the way in which the BIOS is used, you can also use DOS commands. This is the easiest way that can be a better BIOS. However, this technique allows you to make the keyboard completely inoperative and inoperable.

In order to disable the functioning of the keyboard in this way, it is enough just to hold Win + R and bring up a window. After that, enter cmd. This action will cause the command line – a window with a black background.

In this window, you need to enter just one command – this is rundll32 keyboard, disable. After that, you need to press the Enter button.

By the way, if you make the corresponding shortcut with this command, you can turn off the keyboard just by pressing the mouse button. And to quickly enable it, it is enough to create another shortcut, only with the command rundll32 keyboard, enable.

And one more tip: in order not to reboot the laptop and enable the keyboard on the command line, you can use the on-screen keyboard (start-up-special features) and enter rundll32 keyboard, disable

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