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For a long time, Andrei Malakhov was called one of the most enviable suitors of Russia. The presenter for several years after the start of his successful career paid little attention to women and devoted all his time to work. Fans even had suspicions that the young man had nontraditional sexual orientation. But all the unpleasant rumors quickly disappeared when Andrei presented his bride to the public – Natalia Shkuleva. In 2011, lovers secretly married.

It is interesting that for some time even close friends of the couple did not know about the developing novel between Andrey and Natasha. Malakhov is still confident that the personal must remain personal. And 8 years ago, he was completely afraid that fans and journalists would somehow offend his chosen one. Therefore, a man with all the forces of the coast beloved from prying eyes.

The fact that the couple had already begun to prepare for the wedding did not even find out Andrei’s colleagues. In the strictest secrecy and the very ceremony of marriage. About her fans Malakhov and media representatives became known only much later.

Lovers met at work. StarHit magazine, whose face and editor was Malakhov, at that time belonged to Natalia's father. One day, future spouses simply ran into the office and exchanged a few words about business matters. Already at that moment a strong sympathy arose between them. Andrew himself loves to tell that he became interested in his future wife literally at first sight. She seemed special to him and completely different from other girls.

Very soon after they met, Malakhov took Natalia to visit his mother. The woman immediately liked the potential bride. Andrew's mother felt in her heart that this was the same girl who could become her son a wonderful wife. After dating, the development of the relationship of lovers went even faster. For Malakhov, the approval and blessing of the mother was very important.

By the way, for the first time, Andrei and Natalya appeared together in society back in 2009. Then the two of them came to the wedding of their friends – Plushenko and Rudkovskaya. True, the questions about how serious a relationship with lovers Malakhov at that moment refused to speak and in general did not confirm that Shkuleva is his bride.

Very little is still known about the biography of Malakhov’s wife. It should be noted that the girl is not at all an unknown fan of her eminent husband, as many suppose. Natalia was born in a wealthy family. Her father is associated with journalism and has repeatedly hit the rating of the most influential and wealthy Russians. By the way, this fact of the biography of the bride Malakhov also influenced the couple’s decision to hide their relationship and wedding preparations.

From a very young age, parents discussed the girl that she would be the successor to their business. Therefore, much attention was paid to the education of Natalia. For example, the first girl received a law degree in one of the most prestigious universities in Moscow. Shkulev successfully combined studies with part-time work. While still a student girl helped her father in affairs. And after receiving a diploma, she became a lawyer in his publishing house. After a while, her parents made Natalia the full leader of all of their publishing houses. Malakhov himself has repeatedly explained in an interview that he could never live with a boring housewife. Therefore, he is very pleased that after the wedding the wife continued to actively develop her career. Nothing has changed even after the birth of the couple’s long-awaited son. The boy was born in the autumn of 2017, but already now the young mother returned to work. With her child, parents help her on both sides and three hired nannies at once.

Before they got married, Malakhov and Shkuleva lived together for about a year. Both he and she are sure that civil marriage is a kind of test of how lovers are ready for marriage and a joint future. This test together they successfully passed. Soon, Andrew stood in front of Natalia on one knee and made her a marriage proposal. The girl said yes. By the way, at the same time the presenter handed her darling an exclusive expensive diamond ring of two carats.

For a long time no details were known about the wedding of Andrei and Natalia. But today the journalists managed to find out some details of the celebration. It turned out that the couple had celebrated the wedding, albeit in secret, but on a large scale. At the gorgeous holiday in the first place the father of the bride insisted. He invited to the celebration many influential friends, acquaintances with whom could be useful both for the daughter and for the newly-made son-in-law.

For the marriage ceremony, French Versailles was rented. Snacks for the guests were prepared by the best Parisian chefs. Only relatives and friends of the couple appeared at the wedding. Journalists were not allowed to attend the event.

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