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It is believed that the stronger sex is most responsive to abstinence. And indeed, in men with a lack of sex often even neurosis develops. However, the harmful lack of sexuality can be for a woman.

Reflected forced abstinence in women in the first place on the relationship with others. The representatives of the fair sex, not having a regular partner, usually very sharply react to any stressful situations.

Such women are prone to anxiety and depression, and often break their bad mood on others. The result is spoiled relationships with friends, acquaintances and relatives.

This is due to the lack of oxytocin and endorphins in the woman’s body. These hormones are simply necessary for a person for physiological reasons and are released in large quantities during sex during orgasm. In the body, oxytocin and endorphin affect the pleasure centers in the brain, which prevents the development of depression.

The negative impact of the lack of sex has on the memory of women. It was found out by American scientists in the course of their experiment in 2017. The study then involved 78 women aged 19 to 29 years.

During the experiment, representatives of the fair half of humanity were offered to first talk about their sexual life, and then to answer the questions from the test. In the end, women who often have sex, scored much more points than the ladies partner at the moment do not have.

Explanation of the results, the researchers gave a simple. During sex, human blood is actively saturated with oxygen. As a result, the brain begins to work much better.

A woman’s well-being depends also on how well she is getting enough sleep. As already mentioned, a large amount of oxytocin is released into the body during orgasm. In addition to improving mood, this hormone can also affect the quality of human sleep.

Women who do not regularly live sexually suffer from insomnia. And this in turn leads to the emergence of such problems as a decrease in performance and interpersonal skills, an increase in pressure, and the development of heart disease.

Women without a regular partner usually experience serious problems during menstruation. The painful sensations of such women on critical days are more acute and unpleasant than those of women who have regular sex life.

During sex with women active uterine contractions occur. The result is improved blood flow in the pelvic region. For those women who do not have sex, the blood here simply stagnates. This leads to severe pain during menstruation.

During sex, not only the uterus walls are actively reduced, but also the muscles of the small pelvis are trained. In women who are not sexually active, they do not receive the last load. As a result, such representatives of the fair sex weaken the pelvic floor and bladder.

This in turn can lead to such troubles as urine excretion during coughing, physical exertion, and laughter. Women with a weakened bladder often visit the toilet, experiencing the urge to urinate even at night.

Negative abstinence from sex can be for the female reproductive system itself. The muscles of the vagina in such women usually become inelastic and stiff. This happens because of the lack of their training.

After prolonged abstinence for this reason, many women may experience painful sensations during intercourse. Their muscles simply lose their ability to relax over time.

Negatively, lack of sex also affects a woman’s tolerance for pain. It was observed that women who are not having a partner often drink various kinds of painkillers. Even, for example, a slight headache with a mild cold may seem unbearable to them.

It also happens because of the lack of the hormones estrogen and oxytocin in the woman’s body. These substances can also dull the pain.

Women who are not sexually active are ill very often. Scientists have noticed that during sex in the human body the amount of antiviral antibodies increases by 30%. That is, sex can also improve the immunity of women.

Worsens in the absence of regular sex life in the fair sex and appearance. These women usually look older than their years. This happens because their bodies simply do not have enough collagen released during sex.

Also, women who are not sexually active, often have to deal with acne and skin rashes. In such women quickly sags chest and muscles become flabby. This is explained by the lack of progesterone produced during sex.

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