12 rules of style that every man should know 🚩 Fashion trends

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Male wardrobe is quite conservative. And, nevertheless, it consists of a large number of things. Competently combining them, you can create a stylish image, positively influencing attention from the opposite sex and professional reputation. Convenient and comfortable wardrobe, relevant for different life situations, every man needs.

Clothing style is a certain accentuation of the ensemble. It is determined by age, social status and profession, national and religious affiliation, individual characteristics and preferences, relevance and functionality, lifestyle. Accents in men's clothes can be placed using the colors and textures of fabrics, accessories, tailoring, accessories and shoes.

1. The main rule of stylish men – full compliance with the size of clothes and the perfect fit on the figure. Elegance will not add to the image either too tight, or baggy clothes.

2. The suit should be matched correctly.

In the wardrobe of a business person, it is desirable to have costumes of basic colors: gray, dark blue and black. If the costume is one and is used only in solemn occasions, stop at black. The costumes of these colors will allow you to look appropriate at various events.

In order to visually look slimmer figure, choose a jacket with one or two buttons.

A massive figure will make a less overweight single-breasted jacket.

3. A harmonious combination of a suit and a shirt.

Classic tip: the shirt should be lighter than the tone of the suit. This combination of colors makes the figure slimmer. The shirt collar should be carefully ironed.

4. The tie is an important accent.

When choosing a tie you need to take into account the colors of the shirt and suit. A tie should be darker than a shirt, but lighter than a suit. Knotted tie should be a little touch belt trousers.

High stature men are more suitable wide nodes.

For a shirt in a cage, choose a solid tie, the color of which corresponds to the dominant color of the cell.

5. Socks – special attention.

Choose socks the same color as the pants. Be careful about the length of this product. The bare foot should not be visible between the top of the toe and the bottom of the raised leg when the man sits in the chair.

For striped trousers, pick up plain socks, and for checkered ones – socks with geometric patterns. And never wear them with summer sandals!

6. The color of the shoe must match the color of the suit. Black shoes are not worn with a light suit, and vice versa. For a classic suit, it is better to choose shoes from smooth matte leather.

7. Accessories – elements of style.

To create a stylish image you need to choose a trouser belt, shoes and a bag of the same color. The watches, the cufflinks, the tie clip and the belt buckle should match the color of each other.

The elegance of the image will add a decorative scarf, nested in the breast pocket of his jacket. It should be matched to the tone of the tie.

8. Stylish image is not only a costume.

Effectively, you can look in denim clothing. Having added jeans with a T-shirt and suede shoes, get a new look, suitable for work and leisure. When choosing a jeans model, consider not only fashion trends, but also the proportions of your body.

A denim shirt should be a few tones lighter than jeans, if they are worn in an ensemble. Jeans tucked into boots have nothing to do with a stylish look!

9. T-shirts, shirts and shorts can also be stylish.

Casual wardrobe is no less important.

Striped T-shirt and shorts are a classic summer wardrobe. But very long shorts talk about bad taste. They need to make neat cuffs.

A horizontal strip on a shirt or a t-shirt goes well with plain trousers. Strips on two things at the same time are not allowed.

10. The right combination of colors.

Combining colors, focus on saturation. In one ensemble, combine either muted or saturated tones. Red and green, according to stylists, men should be avoided. The combination of cream and white color looks elegant, elegant and stylish. A purple color gives the image of nobility and aristocracy.

11. Well-groomed face, hands and hair.

With a huge selection of modern cosmetics, this rule is observed easily. Beauticians, hairdressers will help you choose the shape of a haircut, cosmetic care products. Cleanliness and accuracy emphasize the stylishness of any man.

12. Education and good manners.

It is impossible to maintain the elegance of the image, having bad manners. Compliance with the rules of etiquette, the manifestation of good manners gives completeness and are the highest aerobatic display of masculine style.

Style and elegance is the ability to correctly combine things with each other in one image. This is not necessarily expensive and branded clothing. But things, of course, must be of high quality. Clothes should like, be comfortable and convenient.

Following the classic rules of drawing up a stylish wardrobe, tracking fashion trends, accuracy and thoughtfulness of the image will help to be at your best every day.

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