How to return money for the game in steam, if you played more than 2 hours 🚩 Computer games

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Virtually any. The game could not fit the characteristics of the computer (hangs or does not turn on). Perhaps the game did not meet your expectations or did not like it at all – the reason for the return does not matter. The main condition that the Steam administration adheres to is that the user must return the game a maximum of two weeks after making the purchase, and the time spent online directly in the game should not exceed two hours.

But even if these conditions were violated, if you submit a formal request to the technical support service with the arguments of your request, it is likely that the refund will be issued.

You can request a refund not only for the game, but also for separate content (DLC), but only if it has not been activated and used irrevocably (for example, consumables or boosters to increase experience).

Money is returned to the specified details within a week. If for some reason Steam cannot make a transfer, the funds spent will be fully transferred to the balance in the system itself, in the future they can also be spent on the purchase of games.

Despite the almost unlimited loyalty to users on the part of the Steam administration, it’s not always possible to return your hard-earned money. Firstly, the administration has the right to refuse to return the funds if the traditional rule of 14 days from the date of purchase and those two hours in the game was violated. Support considers such situations in a special order, and payment of the money spent is not always made.

Secondly, you can not count on reimbursement of the spent funds, if the game was purchased on a third-party resource. There are a lot of intermediaries who sell activation codes for Steam. But if you purchased the key outside the system of the Steam itself, the possibility of returning from the administration is not considered in principle.

Also on the refund should not count the players abusing the vulnerabilities of the game (cheaters) in case of their blocking. If the service security system (VAC) has banned an account in the game, a refund is not provided.

In addition to the games in "Stim" a wide range of other content is presented (you can buy movies, music or software). The return function does not apply to media products, movies and music, in principle, can not be returned, except when such content is included in the DLC kit and is not an independent product.

Of course, to get involved in returns is not worth it. Yes, some games can be fully appreciated and even go beyond the traditional two hours. But this does not entitle to use the services for free. If a player is noticed in the abuse of the return function, he will most likely be restricted from using it.

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