Already boiling. Cockroaches, which are all forgotten ..

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Now ask the youth what the cockroach looks like?
Half did not answer .. Once disappeared and that's it! Calm all.
20 years have gone by this way.

And here at night time !!!! And I see TARAKAN !! In fact, 20 years have not seen!
Slippers, the old memory sent to the world of the rainbow cockroach.
And so in the course of a month, 5 times I met them.

It turned out in the next doorway, a couple of floors above, some woman who rented an apartment, and a new one who entered / walked out, walked away from what she saw !!

All cockroaches !!! And caused the pickers, after which, these creatures spread throughout the house.

I have no words. Today a year has passed.
Killed one at 12 at night. I just saw the second one, but I didn’t have time to “work it out” …
Already and traps and boric acid mash (a folk remedy for cockroaches)
And what the hell. As if there were no houses at all, no young stock, it seems that the roofing felts are probably creeping in, or through the pipes .. but already old, red …

Ehhhh .. Let that fool with the grimace iknyutsya, I hope the next apartment, she will not rent in your house

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