The alternative is “Better not for a man.” About shaving ..

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Not so long ago, I came to the conclusion that the company "is better for a man is not" in the end became brazen with prices. After wandering on an Internet, I found everything I needed .. I didn’t reach absolutely dangerous things, like razors (yet). As a result, I purchased a machine on Ali, a natural shaving brush and special soap for shaving. I understand that this is not for everyone, but damn, men, what class …

Previously, I thought that shaving things like this is an anachronism, But oddly enough, this is the best solution for me .. There is practically no irritation, cuts too .. In general, I am pleased as an elephant …

I tried all the blades that I found on sale in my city. Imported (BIG) and ours (Rapier, Satellite). Today experienced Rapier.

As a result, the Rapier won all, imported sludge .. It has a plus, that they sell 10 pieces in a pack, opposite the rest (5) ..

Shaving has become a ritual .. stunned. Ladies on a note, to 23 for a gift, these things will pour out only in 2500 (all together, a brush, a machine and soap), approximately, and your man will be pleased!

(However, it is necessary to find out how he relates to this, unfortunately this method does not suit everyone).

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