Windows 10 updates are again buggy, but this time it’s not Microsoft’s fault

Several Windows users in the US and UK could not download updates from Windows Update. However, instead of having the problem with Microsoft, the different Domain Name System (DNS) settings of different ISPs seem to be the cause.

Users have also reported the same DNS issue that prevents app updates from the Windows Store and breaks Microsoft's security feature, SmartScreen. As discovered by Softpedia, Windows users have identified Comcast's DNS settings as the source of the problem and, strangely, found that switching the computer's network settings to use Google Public DNS will allow Windows Update to continue. A user of Comcast's Xfinity Community Forum said he could get Windows 10 updates after changing the Windows 10 IPV4 and IPV6 DNS lookups from Comcast's default DNS to Google Public DNS. Users there reported that the Google Public DNS Fix enabled Windows Store apps to upgrade and restore Windows Defender Smartscreen.

Affected individuals in a separate Xfinity post on the same issue reported that Comcast appeared to have resolved the problem on Thursday afternoon, even though the company did not announce that the DNS issue was resolved. For unknown reasons, this issue was not limited to Comcast. Dozens of Windows 10 users in the UK reported the same issues with Windows 10 updates on BT Broadband.

SEE: 20 Pro Tips for Windows 10 to Work the Way You Want It (Free PDF) A moderator of the BT Forum, Neil, confirmed the complaints on Thursday night (UK time) and said the ISP network team was aware of the problem been informed. The company has not reported a solution yet. Affected BT customers still had the same Windows Update issues on Friday morning. As Softpedia noted in the workaround, switching to Google's public DNS server should be considered a preliminary solution until it is resolved by the ISP. For this reason, it is advisable to save the original IP address at the time of the update. Windows 10 users can change the default DNS settings by going to Settings and selecting Network and Internet> Ethernet> Change adapter settings. This will display a box where the user can manually enter the IP addresses of Google's public DNS servers. Earlier and Related Coverage Microsoft cloud services are seeing global authentication failures before Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure Government Cloud are affected by an authentication issue. Windows 10 19H1: We fix confusing installation error messages, promises Microsoft. Would the average Windows user know what a KB is or what to do with it? Windows 7 versus Windows 10: Here comes the final showdown. After less than a year is an important Windows 7 support period, and it is the decision for the PC. Windows 10 19H1: Microsoft pushes its services to "make Windows even better" Microsoft wants you to "make Windows even better" by setting up Microsoft Account Services on Windows 10 devices. Microsoft's New Test Build for Windows 10 19H1 Approaches to Finish The most recent test build for Windows 10 19H1 (1903) from Microsoft includes few new features and many fixes – which is expected when it's finalized. Enabling and disabling features in Microsoft Windows 10 through the Control Panel TechRepublic Microsoft has decided to hide the traditional Control Panel. However, you can still access them if you know how. CES 2019: everything we've seen, from 8K televisions to fake counterfeit burgers CNET The show opened with an Apple bomb, which ended with a surprise from Samsung and included lots of news in between.

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