The media found a man who made three million edits on Wikipedia for free. And now he is honored.

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He helped many write essays and prepare for the session, but they do not even know his name.

In the English-language "Wikipedia" written nearly six million articles. And in a third of these materials, 35-year-old American Steven Pruitt made at least one revision. He has more than three million edits and almost 35 thousand original articles. This brought Pruitt almost legendary status on Reddit after users read about it in CBS material.

An American spends three hours each day editing Wikipedia. He still lives with his parents in Virginia, where he was born, raised and graduated from college. Prewitt's main work is also related to information: he deals with the archives and records of the US Customs and Border Protection Service.

“I think my parents considered my hobby insane for a long time,” Previtt said. He has been writing on Wikipedia since 2006 and remains the leader in edits: the second place winner made 900,000 less edits. The American never asked for money for his work.

. I am fascinated by the idea that I do everything for free. My mother grew up in the USSR, so I know how much freedom of information means. And how much effort is made to make information free.
Stephen Pruitt
The author of three million edits on Wikipedia.

Time magazine included in Pruitt among the 25 most influential people on the Internet – the American was on the same list as Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian. Despite this, his name is almost unknown to anyone. This injustice decided to fix

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