Bogachev Alexander Sergeevich: biography, career, personal life

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Alexander Bogachev Baikkall

Far beginningAt the Russian land there is a tradition according to which every man should own a military profession. In the clouds, on land and at sea, citizens of our country are serving. Alexander Sergeevich Bogachyov was born on October 24, 1955 in an ordinary family. Parents lived in the Podolsk town near Moscow. My father worked in a closed factory, and my mother worked in a famous sewing machine manufacturing company. A child from his youngest nails was taught to work, to be accurate and respectful of his elders by age. Bogachyov’s biography could have been formed differently. Like many boys, Alexander dreamed of becoming a military man. At school, I studied well. Actively involved in sports. He took part in public life. With classmates knew how to find a common language. Having received a certificate of maturity, he applied to the admissions office of the Leningrad Naval School. However, he did not have enough points obtained at the exams to be among the cadets. Eighteen years old Bogachyov was called up for military service. According to the order of the conscript sent to the naval service. A year later, the sailor filed a report on the instance and he was transferred to the school of scuba diving. After receiving a specialized education, the young lieutenant arrived to serve in the Northern Fleet. Alexander Sergeyevich’s service career developed progressively, without failures and failures. The combat unit of the submarine, which he commanded, always fulfilled the specified standards for the exercises. In 1981, according to the results of large-scale exercises, Lieutenant Bogachyov was awarded the medal "For Military Merit" and early in the rank. It should be noted that the military equipment is regularly updated and updated. This is a forced process, since the fleet of the likely enemy also "does not stand still." In his commanding practice, Bogachyov uses his professional knowledge and does not refuse to be creative. Another important control element is close and regular contact with the crew. Essay on private life When it comes to the personal life of seafarers, you can learn and hear many different stories. It should be noted that Alexander Sergeevich unequivocally and forever linked his fate with the sea. Yes, there was an attempt to create a family. But it did not work out. My wife did not wait. No children were born. The husband was left alone. Only love for the sea and his ship supported him afloat. Missile firing of 1995 will be included in the annals of the history of the navy. The submarine under the command of Bogachyova surfaced at the North Pole and completed training firing rockets at specified coordinates. A couple of years later, in one ascent from the boat, 49 rockets were fired, which had to be undermined in the atmosphere. Captain Bogachev of the first rank was awarded the Order of "Courage" and "For Services to the Fatherland." Alexander Sergeevich died on February 15, 2015 from a heart attack.

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