Waje announces that she was not upset about 2019 in a new post -Nigerian

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Nigerian singer Waje has revealed that she did not like the year 2019, even though her social media pages make people believe.

One's single mom shared a lengthy but inspirational piece on Instagram that recounts the torment she faced last year.

Waje wrote:

"It's a long read, but I hope it inspires you.
I was not thrilled with the new year, forget the Instagram post. I was so worried and the feeling of uncertainty made me feel like shit. Some old wounds opened and the wounds were evil, my mind was too weak. I honestly knew what was going on, did not want to be strong, I prayed as usual, but I ignored my special time with God … I had so much pain and wanted to feel numb. Angry that I could not control my feelings and lost. It happens to the best of us, but @artistry_by_tolani sent me a message from their community.
See, if people hurt you or if you hurt yourself constantly, it's not your fault or yours. We sometimes blind ourselves to the simple truth, the devil will always try to steal your joy and use anyone available to be an instrument that has included you! Being reminded made me jump. He said further that the Christ is freedom in you, so all that keeps you from ransoming is your choice, you can refuse to be physically or emotionally in that state, and I jumped up again! Paused the video and said, God forgive my stupidity. See beautiful girl like me that my smile radiates and my voice touches life.
I have so much more in me, but I walk on Earth with no spark from CHOICE, as if you're serious! Chai! I softly said a prayer (Lord remove this ugly cloak of heaviness and despair and cover my face with your veil of joy!) So I encourage you, love.) Every day it will not be rosy, but you decide to radiate and laugh and to bring peace and joy from the sources. You will end well this year, you will love and laugh and your aura will be contagious.

Every time someone hurts you at work, your love life, the school or whatever, just say "ekwensu, I see your plan, but in @theonlychigul voice, you're a waste," because I'm a reflection of Christ and that is JoY I was delivered yesterday so I can sincerely say Happy New Year.
Look at this room! I and my people are made for signs and wonders. We did not start sweets. We win. "

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