In Yekaterinburg, the police refused to help children who themselves have discovered the theft

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Employees of Ekaterinburg OP number 8 refused to help children who independently discovered theft of a bicycle. Olga Kezik, the mother of one of the children, who is herself a lawyer representing the interests of the police (she is now the protector of the Pervouralsk police chief Oleg Grekhov), turned to law enforcement officers. The police showed no interest in the arrest of the thief.

“On January 21 Fedya came to the training session at Bright Fit in the Academichesky shopping center. He left the bike at the turn, and later it was stolen there. At that time I was in the process, at my request a friend contacted the police. The police arrived, inspected the place, and that was the end of their work. There are camcorders everywhere. On the 25th, I asked the shopping center whether the police had requested the video of the theft moment. No, they did not request anything, although everything is clearly visible on the recording, ”Olga Kezik told“ URA.RU ”.

The thief, instead of the police, was revealed by the 13-year-old son of the lawyer Fedya with his 11-year-old cousin, Artem. They found the stolen bike in ads on Avito. “It turned out to be a normal guy, he bought a bike on an ad for 8 thousand. He agreed to return it to us, and also called the seller. For a long time, the precinct called out the case, which they painted, but her phone is always unavailable. When I invited the police to a meeting where they could return the bike and detain the thief, they refused. We opened the case for them, they would have earned a wand. Bicycle thefts didn’t open up at all, they could be different, but they don’t need it either, ”added Kezik.

The press group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Yekaterinburg promised to provide a comment later.


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