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What is the need for picking seedlings 🚩 Garden and garden

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Pickling up of a seedling is an agricultural technique, when young plants are transplanted from a shallow tank into a larger one or immediately into the soil. Some believe that the picking process negatively affects the plant itself, in other words, the seedlings get stressed and do not give the expected result. However, those who welcome a dive, on the contrary, argue that saplings gain powerful health.

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  1. The time to fruiting is reduced, as the root system develops better and faster.
  2. There is a selection of the best and healthiest seedlings.
  3. The roots of seedlings are in the upper part of the soil, which is warm and more fertilized, so the harvest will be greater.
  4. It is unnecessary to thin out the seedlings, which significantly reduces the time when working with seedlings.

The sprout is diving at the moment when it only began to develop. This is characterized by the appearance of the first 2-3 leaflets. What may be needed for this?

  1. Boxes with seedlings.
  2. Pegs and strips for loosening the soil.
  3. Fertilized soil.
  4. New boxes for seedlings.
  5. Water to water the dive seedlings.

With the help of a peg. Before starting a dive, the ground with seedlings needs to be moistened. Using a peg, pull the germ out of the ground. In order not to damage the sazhen, you need to keep it by the leaves. On the roots, be sure to leave some ground. In the prepared place for transplanting with a peg we make a hole. Having nipped off a root, we immerse it in a soil, at the same time having straightened roots. Pouring over the sazhen, press down slightly.
With a finger. This method is convenient because it speeds up the picking process. All actions are done with your fingers. Having moistened the ground, we take out the sazhen with a finger. Having done a finger hole in the ground, transplant there sprout. We drop in and press down with the same finger.
With the help of the bracket. This method is considered the fastest, since it is possible to transplant several seedlings at once. With the help of the strap from the ground withdraw sprouts. In the pre-moistened place transplanted and sprinkled. With this method, there is no guarantee that all the sprouts are healthy and perfect.
After the picking of the plants requires careful care. Constant wet and cool environment, sunlight must be diffused. Care should be taken to constantly keep the ground wet. If all these rules are observed, in 4-5 days the root system will strengthen and the plants will take root in the new soil.

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Why pick a seedling

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