Psychics in the past and present 🚩 Astrology and Esoterics

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Where did psychics come from? Even in ancient times in Russia there were the Magi. They were considered mediators between man and god on earth, they were turned to for advice. They were the custodians of all secret knowledge, were engaged in predictions and could cure many diseases. In the days of paganism, the Magi were in fact the second power. Between them and the existing rulers periodically there was a struggle for leadership. It is the Magi that can and should be considered the "progenitors" of modern psychics.

After the Baptism of Russia, the wise men did not disappear, but lost their influence. At the same time they remained the guardians of all secrets, soothsayers and healers. But their activity almost completely ceased. For several centuries, the wise men barely remembered.

However, the belief in miracles and magic in the people has not disappeared anywhere, it is she, perhaps, who feeds her passion for the paranormal and extrasensory in the modern world. Many ethnographers say that magic originated in primitive society and developed thanks to the eternal desire of people to subjugate nature and learn all the secrets of the world.

In the 19th century, the English ethnographer J. Frazer predicted that the worldview of people would develop in the following sequence: magic – religion – science. However, today we can say that all three components exist and develop in parallel, the transition from one sequence to another has not yet been observed.

Today in Russia there are about a million registered specialists engaged in magic, witchcraft and healing. At the same time, those whom only a narrow circle of people knows about are much more.

According to sociological research conducted in recent years, about a quarter of the population truly believes in miracles and various signs. Almost half of the country – in magic, witchcraft, the transmigration of souls and ghosts. Many businessmen and employers began to use the services of soothsayers, astrologers, palmists and other professionals who provide magical services. Among the ordinary population are the services of witches, mediums, soothsayers, witches, healers, tarologists, etc. enjoyed almost every third. Naturally, with such a faith, the number of the latter-day "Magi" only increases, because "according to your faith let it be to you."

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