Something to look forward to this year – The Thrift Trip plus 1 Dubai


The year was chaotic, funny, surprising and painful at the same time. Hello dear reader, how are you?

I honestly thought that my half-baked article on Iftar from May 2018, just before the NMC license was introduced in the UAE, would be my last, until something else (beautiful) happened the previous year but obviously failed miserably.

I was in and out of social media – especially in September, when I was likely to be present at most to flaunt my interests Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Incidentally, I did that on my Instagram, too proud to be an ambassador for the second time). To be honest, with or without an ambassador, I would be forever grateful to have met this mobile device. It has made my life so much easier that I can easily access everything I need to do for my media activities (including extended battery life). At the same time, it has opened my senses to something else.

Where I was last year

With a lost wallet (including all my badges, rental fees, and travel expenses to Rome) on January 2 last year, my first quarter began strongly with one Travel option in Rome and a few publishing features like Illustrado 100 MIFG, a full-page feature The World Traveler Magazine by Dnata which was later published on-lineand some other comments too WKND bloggerheads and other countless releases in which my name or photos would suddenly pop up.

Yes, one of my photos was commissioned for Conde Nast USA

There were a few more, I was just too lazy to take everything in and should have done it right – after all, I will need it for my future portfolio.

Another feature of American Express Essentials, Listen Here,

As strange as it may sound, I sometimes shied away from online interviews, but gave them up Kabayan Weekly a shot. If you missed it, check out the live version of the FB Here,

Of course I also had some radio guests in October (I felt like a celebrity). I was once invited by Dubai Eye to talk about the article that I wrote in 2015 where I explored Dubai under 50aed, If you missed it, you can listen to the podcasts Here,

Where I'm going

In my last quarter and first weeks of the year, there was a huge "plot twist" (as millennials call it). You should know by now (hints and gossip are everywhere!), Hence the lack of content on my channels – because I am careful AND was asked to.

Too cautious that I did not notice that I was gradually distancing myself from the world that once listened to my voice, my writing, my thoughts and my opinion. Too cautious that I've never noticed that there are people who are still interested in reading a stranger's life because the things I share are pure and true. Unfortunately, their response to how I see things is more true than those of those around me who just pretend to care.

I have not stopped attending and writing events because I am unable to handle them – traveling, long commuting, endless socializing, etc. It was already in my system – I was from Manila long before I left Boracay committed to it. I stopped because I was told I could lose something more valuable. or because people made me feel that I should not get into photos because "it's not that far yet." And that made it more depressing because they are actually building barriers around me to limit the things I can do for myself and P, the tiny pebble in me. And I am not that person.

So here I am – do not stop blogging. In fact, you'll see me spending more time on this site, sharing our adventures and glitches together, Pebble and myself. Follow us as we fill this page with our own little story,

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