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Formation of character begins in early childhood, when child narcissism is only an excuse for emotion, and does not cause any concerns to parents. However, over time, this develops into a character trait and becomes a problem with which a person is simply doomed to loneliness and misunderstanding on the part of other people.

Narcissism is first and foremost a personality transformation. This is one of the psychological types of personality, which on the basis of excessive attention to his own person is characterized by problems in his personal life and in communication with people around him. It is difficult to find a common language with narcissuses, to create a family and just to communicate normally on equal terms.

  1. Parents inspire the child that he is the best, in every possible way encouraging his small achievements and closing his eyes to small (and not so) pranks. Children in such families grow up extremely spoiled, completely confident in their permissiveness and impunity.
  2. Narcissism may arise as a way to compensate for the lack of childhood parental love and normal childhood. By constant self-suggestion in their irresistible narcissuses form an image of their own perfection. Moreover, all attempts of others to convince him of the opposite only aggravate the problem – the narcissus is moving away from society, more and more delving into the world of its own illusions.

Narcissism in men appears 2 times more often than women. Narcissism in psychology has the following definition – narcissistic accentuation of character. Daffodils are usually selfish, vain and narcissistic. Being chiefs, they show either excessive indifference or excessive rigor. Previously, such people stood out from the crowd with their behavior and mannerism, which caused ridicule or disgust. Now among them more and more people are educated, occupying high positions and having a prosperous family. However, behind the screen of prosperity and self-sufficiency, the egoism of a typical narcissus is clearly manifested.

For normal and easy communication, people with this type of accentuation are not suitable. After talking with them, there remains a bitter aftertaste of lost time and depression. People prefer to avoid them. Daffodils do not know how to empathize, show care and tenderness. All their powers and attention are directed only to themselves.

These daffodils have a negative attitude towards children, animals and the elderly – to all who need care and love. However, they themselves would not mind having people in their surroundings who would pity, please and support them.

Psychologists have identified 2 types of narcissistic character accentuation.

  1. Classic Daffodils. Such people believe that the sun shines only for them. More beautiful and intelligent people than they are all over the world. They allow themselves to love and admire them. With all their existence, they do a great favor to this imperfect world.
  2. "Unsure" daffodils. They differ from the first ones only in that they feel constant insecurity in themselves and their abilities. In all they should see confirmation of their own importance. Some modern stars are a vivid example of this phenomenon: the more fans and fans they have, the stronger their “crown” holds on.

Treatment of narcissism is not required, since it is not a pathology, but a character trait. But if the scale of the "star disease" of a narcissistic person already passes all bounds, then behavioral therapy is recommended.

For daffodils is very important to confirm their own perfection. If they do not receive enough admiration from the outside by their persona, this can lead to a very severe form of depression.

In adolescence, the beginnings of narcissism can lead to abnormal sexual behavior, often in the form of adolescent masturbation. In the case of daffodils, masturbation is a manifestation of sexual attraction to oneself. Even with full-fledged families and regular sex life, such people can no longer completely abandon self-satisfaction.

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