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Plants with male energy, which include asparagus, dracaena and lemon, will not survive in the kitchen. For them, the microclimate created in this zone is destructive. Therefore, it is best to choose those indoor flowers that have female energy, for example, begonia or cyclamen, as well as the four options for indoor plants for the kitchen, which are described below.

Geranium. This well-known plant feels great in the kitchen. Some doctors recommend getting geraniums for people suffering from headaches and high blood pressure. The flower will help to neutralize viruses and maintain normal humidity.

Kalanchoe. Unpretentious, beautiful plant that can perfectly fit into any space. Caring for Kalanchoe is quite simple. Special watering is not required, it is not afraid of drafts, sunlight and shade. Kalanchoe is able to clean the air. This indoor flower has healing properties (heals wounds, cuts, burns), it can also be used as a cosmetic.

Saintpaulia or Uzambara violet. This plant prefers indoor humidity, but it is very bad for drafts. Therefore, it is better to place it away from open windows or take it to another room for the time of ventilation. Violet perfectly take root in the kitchen. She is not afraid of the atmosphere created in this part of the house, she calmly perceives various smells that often hover in the kitchen. Many believe that violet helps to improve well-being and restore human energy.

Phalaenopsis Orchid. There is an opinion that it is quite difficult to grow an orchid at home, that it is very capricious. In fact, the Phalaenopsis orchid, which is most often sold in flower shops, grows well in a humid and warm climate, to which the kitchen corresponds. The only thing that an orchid really fears is drafts. Therefore, it should not be placed near an open window, especially in late autumn and winter. Otherwise, the plant will quickly wither. It is believed that Phalaenopsis cleans the air and space from harmful substances very well and uplifting the mood.

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