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Dmitry Kirichenko: biography, career, personal life start86

The biography of a football player Dmitry Sergeevich was born on January 17, 1977 in the city of Novoaleksandrovsk, Stavropol Territory. Since childhood, the boy began to get involved in the game of ball. He managed to study well at school and attend football training. Parents gave Dmitry to the local youth school. After his first successes at the age of 15, he began studying at the Stavropol School of the Olympic Reserve. And it gave him his way into adult football. At the age of 17, Kirichenko became a football player of Lokomotiv from Mineralnye Vody. But to achieve a good result did not work the first time. He played 24 games on the field and could not distinguish himself with goals scored. At the same time, Dmitry always played the position of an attacker. After this unsuccessful experience, Kirichenko returned to his hometown, and spent the whole season in the reserve of the local Iskra team. The transition to Taganrog Torpedo became an important decision in his life. For two seasons, the young striker scored about 40 goals and attracted the attention of large regional teams. So, in 1998, Kirichenko ended up in Rostselmash from Rostov-on-Don. He immediately liked the coaching staff and local fans. The fast and technical player managed not only to score goals, but also inspired confidence in his teammates. For three seasons in Rostselmash, Dmitry chopped 38 goals in the Russian championship. Kirichenko moved to Moscow. An invitation from CSKA Moscow followed. And Kirichenko went to conquer the capital with his family. By this time, the player was already officially married, and his first daughter was born. At CSKA, Dmitri, too, was able to start playing from the first match. He immediately became the top scorer of the national championship, and in 2003, he won the first gold in the modern history of the army team together with the club. After that, there was a slight decline in the game of a football player. In CSKA began to update the composition and place in the new team for Kirichenko was not found. In 2005, he moved to FC Moscow. And again, in the first season, he managed to score 14 goals and lead the bombing race. After the first two excellent years in FC “Moskva” Kirichenko moved to the Moscow Region club “Saturn”. August 25, 2007 in the game against Lokomotiv from Moscow Kirichenko scored his 100th goal in the championships of Russia. Before him, only Oleg Veretennikov and Dmitry Loskov could boast of such a record. After three years in Ramenskoye, Kirichenko in 2011 returned to Rostov-on-Don. Now the local club was called "Rostov". But Dmitry spent more time on the bench than playing on the field. He acted as such an uncle tutor for young football players. The Mordovia team from Saransk was the last team in his football biography. He played only 12 matches for the club and scored 1 goal. After that, Kirichenko announced the completion of his football career. In the same 2013, Dmitry enrolled in the Higher School of Coaches, which he successfully graduated after some time. After that, the former football player was called to the coaching staff of Rostov, where he worked in various positions until 2018. Dmitry was twice the acting head coach in this team. He even officially led the team in the Champions League matches. Although formally the head coach was Kurban Berdyev. Just at that moment Berdiyev did not have the appropriate coaching license. In 2018, Kirichenko was invited to Ufa to help develop the local team. After the resignation of the head coach, it was Dmitry who took this place as an acting officer. While he is only building a new team, it’s very early to talk about first successes. December 10, 2018 Kirichenko officially became the head coach of FC Ufa. They signed a contract for a year and a half with the possibility of further extension for another season. In the Russian national football team, Dmitry Kirichenko spent just 12 matches. He was very rarely called into the team due to his small stature and the lack of opportunity to fight on the second floor in the opponent's penalty area. And then the Russian national team played fairly straightforward, and it needed an overall striker. But one of Kirichenko’s goals for the national team was forever written in the history of European football. At Euro 2004 in Portugal, Dmitry scored the fastest goal in the history of these tournaments in a match with Greece. This happened at 67 seconds from the start of the game. The match with Greece did not solve anything, but the Russian team was the only team in the championship that was able to beat future winners. Personal life of a football player Even playing for Rostselmash, Dmitry met his future wife Tatiana. She then worked at her father’s car glazing company. Tatiana is a native of the city of Rostov-on-Don. Kirichenko very long courting his future wife. In 2001, young people celebrated their wedding, and their first daughter, Julia, was born. Then two more daughters, Stephanie and Ulyana, were born. The family always supports Dmitry in all his endeavors and moves with him. He himself believes that he was very lucky. He is surrounded by such a large number of female representatives. Dmitriy tries to spend any day off next to his family.

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