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The artificial intelligence of the computer game Eve Online went out of control and arranged the battle of three space fleets without human intervention. This writes the portal 3Dnews.

It turned out that the miners' faction was attacked by a squad of pirates, summoned the Amarr fleet to defend, and later the Wanderers joined the battle. As a result of the union and the subsequent betrayal, the pirates emerged victorious.

What distinguishes this battle is that it took place without human participation, only by artificial intelligence. There are no living witnesses of the battle. Users learned about what happened from the logs of destroyed ships.

CCP Games has expanded the capabilities of EVE Online non-player characters in 2017. Now the developers are investigating the situation and intend to learn more about the actions and risks of unmanaged artificial intelligence.

EVE Online, a space MMORPG in which various clans and factions have been fighting for dominance in the galaxy, has existed since 2003. It contains five major factions. The player in EVE Online acts as the captain of the spacecraft.


Before you go! Share this content on any social media platform

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